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That kid sure has something going on in his throat.Make the mold out of corrugated plastic sheeting and spray the inside with mold release when it's shaped.Genius Bobby Fischer.When I heard that tone for the Pokemon Red box I thought rapture was starting.Firouzja needs a shot at Carlsen before Carlsen is out of his prime.

Ask Zack to see if it has scratches at a level 6 with deeper groves at a level 7.This map is absolutely beautiful!2:22 Not Me, Not Hermione, YOU!Yasser, I love the the video, thank you.Ah yes don’t we love seeing a 5D figure made of 4D figures reimagined in a 3D environment on a 2D screen that consist of 1D lines connected by 0D pointsEDIT:didn’t see the other comments saying the same oops.For it to stay open you'd need to really wedge something in there.

No time wasting.Or will it just be a small amount of on-die memory to be used like an extra cache layer but you still have your normal DDR system memory?I really enjoyed this a surprising and beautiful emergence of fractals."Magnus Carlsen Top 5 Moves Patzers Can Understand" except the Karjakin one these are not even his top 50 moves lol.Side note: the doors in front of the horn on the Victrola may be partially closed for volume control.

Home made camping stove.

Home made camping stove.

Anyhow, still a helpful video and you don't a good job explaining it all.You are a reliable source of lotr information.Kruger do nothing.What exactly were the dremel bits you used.The moment you think you got Magnus thinking but he's just having technical issues.What made you remove the stain on your bench?Had me rolling and inspired all at the same time.911 in a nutshell.Circle inversion.

B4 was a frustration move that lost him the game, it seems.Is koksgboyeyahoo.A rarely saw a 44:00 min "intro".SuggestionMagnus carlsen loss a game in blitz.I know I'm wrong but on move 6 isn't 6.Leather bound books.Some beautiful pieces there.

Amateurs can't replicate this ever.

Amateurs can't replicate this ever.

Rd8-checking and the because black king cant move to b7 black has to block the check by Qc8.A magical lighter.Trim color matched the house.Maaaan is really.I built my own guitar out of black mahogany about 10 years ago.5:18 sounds like an nes game.

Nikunj Thakur

How can you get a topic like this to make a videoAnyways I’m folding papers!


This new way is the old way with extra steps , its a waste of time


That is so cool and beautiful. My coffee went cold as I was watching! Didn't get one sip!! :( haha

Beenayak Mridha

In 5:46 there was the threat of Qxg2


Favorite moment: 9:57:25 He is so happy! Like a little child

Diego Jackson

I don't know have I haven't known this for this much time but we human just really love to make games that have more move than that thing like atoms or infinity

Logan Campbell

4:21 FACTS

Magi Hristova

I wish I could go to Harry Potter land but I'm in Germany :(

Ryan Smith

Just found the channel love it. I really like this kind of tactical battles of historical events.

Heather Grace


Roberto Pettinau

WE ARE IN THE YEAR 2013!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Liam

Dang, this is a really nice clock.


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