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How about making an espresso coffee maker like this one?HiCongratulations on the beautiful work.3 Pro youtuber move.

0:57 oh helllllll no.I need to watch your sawing video now.Thanks a bunch for this video Marc.Why no breakdown of this?I wish I can dress like I just got out of bed all the time lol Bobby Lee.Most brutal chess game everBut with no blood.

Excellent work as usual.

Excellent work as usual.

1243, so I want to make 3 SEPARATE squares.1:41 biggest content creator flex of all time.31 minute of the movie.Kollam, nalla, video.It's in wonderful condition.

The music is from the Bulgarian

The music is from the Bulgarian

Phillips head screws work fine and have for a long time, I think they are getting a bad name form people that don't want to take the time to use them correctly - Just my thoughts.In fact at 10:57 Qd2 is best move this move immidiately wins the black queen.I thought it was informative and creative.Awesome job though.Maybe try some exchange sac with Bxd4 Nf6 Qb6 and maybe even Bd7 Bb5 after the knight on f6 moves.Great analysis, thank you.If you were able to remember all you said in your videos you will be unstoppable.Are they worth it?Would love to learn that.But I'm glad you didn't play the "Apocalypse" variation.


Nice, i love it. Need 5 of them hehe.


Did you mention cake decorating?

Scott Simpey

Great looking mallet Rex. I need to make a new one and I think I’ll give this a shot. I made a Paul Sellers style mallet a few years ago but it’s big and bulky so it’s very rare that I ever pick it up for use except to move it. Great job explaining how you went about the overall shaping of that.

Bimal Majhi

How to win master level in mobile

Greg Murphy ICanFixYourVolvo

Wait...what?I was searching for beer making equipment.How did I get here?Now I want to make a kayak!What amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail!Incredible job, Nick!

L Yn Chi

M c5 xe e8 hu e 5haaa

Glorified Truth

But really, how many elephants have actually fallen for this trap?Maybe "the people trap" would make more sense...?

Duncan Bar-David

That girl is an excellent drawer of things! agadmator



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