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Pono Baritone Nui BN-1 & Pono Octave MN-20 side by side

Are you watching Oversimplified?The peices are plastic nuf said.Hitam blunder, masih bisa draw klo gak blunder.Just like a letter.Eternium isn't new.

Makes the whole video mysterious, lol!Meh fantastic beasts is better.Its fun watching people who know what they are doing and know about match history.I watch it and it did'nt make me a fan.He doesn’t even mention gold.It's a great tool, but the secret is in the knowledge of the user of that tool.And I have played.Attacking chess to me is what makes chess fun.

Take a shot everytime he says "uhh".

Take a shot everytime he says "uhh".

Wait is that kid from philippines?If you put him on a black person.The coolest coach I'd ever met.40:36 how did he take that?Actually developed to survive but comes in handy sometimes when there is quiz time.The engineer's pi e 3.

Time kani, Space kani, Matter kani

Time kani, Space kani, Matter kani

I believe that if an opponent offers a draw too early, besides an ass-whipping, he should at least get mated.You need to ask that guy who is an expert at everything.LeBron is showing his stupidity by comparing the relationship between owners with the relationship between players.Interesting end in the game next to this.Anh cng ph qun nh cc bc GM.

Your video will introduce the Ryukyu Kingdom

Your video will introduce the Ryukyu Kingdom

Thanks for the great content.The sacs were devastating.'Black throws in the towel as it's mate in 9' these guys are playing a different game.Im like this is video.And how long do you like to let the oil set in before removing the boards?Thanks for all you do, and for sharing these awesome tutorials!I was waiting a video from him for a long time.Just a massive 10 minute advert.

From nashik with best

From nashik with best

We use them on chisels (including for furniture-making), leather punches, stamps, froes, splitting wedges and other strikable tools.But, how will you tell which side is which.They are beautiful Great job!I only see the walnut and the maple being used.Robertson screws are available, primarily in pocket-hole applications.The beautifull game in his full glory.

Im trying to sleep in this competition.At 16:50, rook take pawn, Queen can only trade for rook or pawn as a eventuality, black wins.At 33:30 when I try to run the program the console resizes to like 10x5 pixels and ends immediatelyI've followed the tutorial step-by-step and it's still doing that.This kid is also an ordinary player, he is only combine the power of the queen and the pawn.When people say the earth is not round and is flat just look at that kiddos.


Can you try one, which spit lave?


Wow, that's beautiful!!! How many hours does it take to make one of these?

William Bolton

The president and the health agencies in the US are not incompetent. They're complicit with the globalists and their agenda to reduce the global population. The virus is a lab engineered bioweapon. The administration has been dragging its heels to enable the virus to get a strong foothold in the population. The UN/WHO, China, the European Union and the US are dominated by the globalists who have the officials in their pocket. Jesus is our only hope.

Clash with Krishiv

klaman:I am sherlock homesSir Mikhail Tal:I am James Bond

Bob Bobson

That was true in 2015, that the number of chess games is larger than the number of atoms in the observable universe. Does that still hold in 2020, where the observable universe has grown by ten lightyears? :)

Dhruv Kapadia

Black cheats from the start. He starts the timer when its his turn. He also has 3 min and 4 secs at 0:14

Charlie K

Great video.I wish that I had videos like this when I struggled with mathematics in engineering school.

Luke Chen Shui

Just try googling it.

Timothy McGuire Jr

Again thanks for this Eric! How long until you get the GM title?

Lou Lopez

Very nice. The lights were a great idea.

mitesh borkhetariya

Sir tricks sikhvado

As Jax

My mother is number 11

Ornella Origami

Ah... this is so peaceful.... love it.... thank you

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