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Poor Righteous Teachers - Rock Dis Funky Joint

Dahil sa sira ulo nyang anak.I play this lovely pieceOf John Williams magical Harry Potter musicWhen I miss my friends and when I am upset and it cheers me up.Bhai ye to baut hi hard trick hai kuch simple si trick nahi he kiya?Loving your content, please keep em coming!Is thereany chance you could do some quick analyses of the world championship next month?I’ve played this game.Try to get all your fingers on one hand to touch each other.I dislike your accent.

)(Thought it seemed familiar, so I Googled it - 260 are the days in Mayan sacred calendar Tzolkin).It's a neat looking set from the 12th century.Sounds like the movie frailty.4) Clickbait videos die out and non-clickbait videos become the norm.He only looses and I cant see any great move or novelty from him.

1:30 Is it really a 2nd type

1:30 Is it really a 2nd type

Brilliantly presented!A well-known trap !I'm in a Nigerian University where a lot of bright minds are dumbed down to just rote memorise information but this right here is hope for me!This is an awesome game indeed.My carpenter can make much more beautiful than this.It sounds like "summertime" (k-391).

You have a gift for

You have a gift for

B4 would have been a better move 11:15.Not 7 minutes but yes click bait piece of shit lol.First view, and I've subscribed, will you subscribe back?F5 Bxf5 does seem to maintain equality, though, or even a slight edge for black, though, so none of this analysis is busted.Qxf6Gxf6Ne7Any move by king and queen is goneNxd5By Agastya Singh.That’s THE anthem.Hindi Sikh Hindi.

The real question: Why did MR.Kh1 was not necessary, in my opinion, but we shall see :).This topic has always fascinated me.Awwwww the Little girl so cute.What’s inside a stove.

Sargeants In Full Force I Love All

Sargeants In Full Force I Love All

None of this is necessary if we do not observe.Then the win of alireza over Carlsen got me to stand and I got completely out of sleep and lazyness.I really like this project!He’s been buying back Berkshire and sitting on cash because stocks are too expensive.I genuinely appreciate seeing the concern, but the 'do better' finger wag is pointless without providing effective solutions.

As well as that "Back to the future" poster on the wall.I thought that white was gonna move that rook to A7 and then I was totally baffled when he didn't.Can someone explain to me what the logic is with these timers?6:10 looks like a bad ass logo from a 80's "heavy metal" band.Harry in Winter and Snape to Malfoy Manor.

Ranked player in the world.Any suggestions?For me that means none in the fridge.Word has it he's still switching guys every 3 weeks.I am such a lucky personSoI am doing a giveaway on my channelfor the smaller Flasks The bigger one I have been using and i love it!

Arif gerrard, Generasi Bonsai

5:33 f8 = skakmat

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Thank you so much Brad


Your mother is a defective plasma coil!

Shawn Monroe

Can anyone in the comments help me? I have a lot of first edition cards. I need help figuring out how much they’re worth. I know for sure I’ve got two first edition Charizard cards. I just don’t know how to how about figuring out the value.

M. Armand

1:06 exactly what I thought

Travis Monk

The Cup? Fucking baller move Tim. That was a treat.

Piyush Pandita

When agadmator used his mouse to play b4, I knew he was playing a joke.

Ro Efa

Nice work, but the screws and brads were not necessary, and will just ruin the tools of the next guy. Bad.


i loled too when he played Nh6 to your b3. that was hilarious a 'what the heck is that?' move!


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