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Praggnanandaa's Best Win - Praggnanandaa vs Eljanov | Isle of Man 2018 Rd 3

Kramnik the scariest.Imagine if this guy would have traded the house.If dont like of The music,put on mute make no diference.Keep those coming!

Masurekar,India.Coffee table came out great, mistake and all.Engine suggests Nc5 on the move 19th.

Great game commentary.

Great game commentary.

Still Magic is even more complex than chess.Lets get it out of the way, SHES HOT SEX SEX SEX TITTIES.I wouldn't have made to 2200 on lichess without your selfless service been fighting online for 3 years to get to this day.What I recall from metalshop, which was like 38 years ago, is that it had to be beyond cherry hot to Orange hot then quenched to harden.Black can just take c4.

Instead of Nh6 what about d5.He is BEYOND that!I thought she played a mindless game.So you've gotten quite a lot of praise over this.So the d day is the 10th day where Alice should take a chance and guess 18 or 20 since she doesn't know whether Bob is having 6 or 8.

Sophisticated burgundymaroon.Most of the rest of the world have Normal ratings but the nationsregion I mentioned above are very competitive.Magnus makes 5 silly moves in row and he still beat you down with a finger in his nose :D.Shoot my dead body to space.I really like your videos and i think that you're channel is awesome, but every game you play i get crazy on my chair on how many tactics you miss and how long it takes for you sometimes to spot tactics, this is the basis of chess!Oh my lord sir, bout 5 min into the video and the music made my inner voice scream out "alright with the f$in music!

I believe it is

I believe it is

Hey boss Titan, can you show usthe sub program using the g19 by machiningthe corner radius?Also, Hans Zimmer is the shit.I was thinking Qg6 would be just as good of an end move.Bagay na bagay talaga silang dalawa.YOU ARE A GODDESS.Some channels cut into the bottom would have made pouring the initial epoxy super simple with no chance for drips on the wood.1200 fide bwahahaha.Can you tell us your name?21 he had 13 coins but at 5."I was thinking about something for a moment.

I made it to the seventh hour.Another 10 mins of molt not losing to show his skills.It can only go under anything if it’sde-waxed.Slow down and analyse the move first for a moment, you will do much better!You should clarify that the first square (the one alice places the knight on) can be revisited, as that changes the result.

black ops

Can't believe praggnanandhaa had such a great threat with his pawn to h5, it would've been a crushing defeat

Timothy Stratton

did he just low key shit talk Phil Ivey's mom lol

Christopher Nguyen

Can you play against Stockfish again? I enjoy the schadenfreude of watching you get punished

Icterine Tech

You forgot pvdf

Kyle Harczuk

0:38 love how whites rook just ignored the f pawn and goes through it

Kay C.

How do I access the memory of my birth?

Random Comment

very insightful


Door was worth more than the building it was installed on.


These videos are addicting in the same way watching planes take off and land are. Subbed

sk96756 koloa

Stupid to say "this guy" as if he isn't one of the greatest players in our generation in a game that takes tremendous skill and a game that has an amazing history that date back a thousand years ago. You can't say that for any red bull sponsor you have, besides Hikaru who plays chess.


Thank u :) plz check out my other videos.

K Dub



Im 26 and a have a year old brother! i can't wait to do this for him and later on my own kids!! So Awesome!!

Angie Weston

I bet Carl is crispy by now burning in a hot hell all these years ,.. with his buddy Satan

Richard Bergmans

Wauw, with an angle grinder, would dare, very beautifull!

70g 70g

John D. Sheldon

Playing fireboy and watergirl on many platforms but somehow, hudgames still be the best one. Hope to get more great games here.

Ramayati Yati

Where you from?

Ivan Skorica

Ok I'll be honest. When I saw your name on everything I thought, "wtf is wrong with this guy?", but then I read some of the top comments and I soon realized, that you sir, are a fucking genius :D.You make huge amounts of amazing stuff...awesome job :)

Si Pud

i think i saw this game from one of the books of Anatoly Karpov i think its called "Find the Right plan". anyways Great channel!

buggaz bean

no issues with the inlay cracking when installing frets?

Sangita Yadav

I am proud to Anand because Mikhail is a very nice player


Exelente trabalho


this class under appreciates his humor so much. Great analysis in tandem with the jokes always make his lectures the easiest to follow and retain the information. Plz more of Ben.

NapQueen118 Lover

I lice yor Vito's

Dylan D

Nice shirt!


Have a lo k at this:1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Ng5 Bc5 5.Nxf7 Bxf2 6.Kf1 Qe7 7.Nxh8 d5! 8.exd5 Nd4 [8...Bg4 9.Be2 Bxe2 10.Qxe2 (10.Kxe2 Nd4 11.Kxf2 Ne4 12.Ke3 Qg5 13.Kxe4 Qxg2 14.Kxe5 Nf3 15.Kf4 000) 10...Nd4 11.Qxf2 000] 9.d6 [9.c3 Bg4 10.Qa4 Nd7 11.Kxf2 Qh4 12.g3 Qf6] 9...cxd6

prakash sharma


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