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Programming chess - lesson #8: Unity Introduction

I agree with laz.So here are my suggestions to you: A.At 08:15 after Qe6 you can play Bd4 and it will win the bishop?This is more than likely due to simple things like light, even bronze age man felt safe in light, it's comforting and warming, it let's you see.Very interesting.I'm 2 years or so lateto this video, but i gotta say.

Last week my

Last week my

I have not found any working strategies until I uncovered Sdmzt Sizo (Google it)from a friend.3:20 black could’ve taken pawn at d4 without worrying about rook c8 because the knight is guarding it.Nick has had a great life.No conoca la captura al paso!I even failed at guessing gay guys and I'm gay.Great project as usual Shaun!What a beautiful outcome.

I'd like pieces to match the board too.Bought a new albumon vinyl last year by Joanne Shaw Taylor that sounded a bit strange when played, turns out it plays at 45 rpm.I’ve always had really bad night terrors and and the music from the movies would help me so much.Unbelievable, laptop fell and it wasted so many seconds and won still.Also, I don't know if you can get them where you are, but look in to Zona Polishing Papers.WhiteBlackRb6 PxRThena7 andno one can stop the pawnAnd ifKd2Then Rook to c6 bad after the Knight moves we can easily take the pawn on a7 by moving the rook to c7 and if he give cheak with knight then we will first move the king and then after we will play Rc7 to take pawn.When the KG is going well, you typically get stuff like this where black wonders how white's pieces managed to move so fast and so menacingly.

Hate to say this, but Hikaru is a terrible team player.Stop using wood.I have never understood Fourier transform like that, I love you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.I wonder if I can make one out of 4"x4" pine?How does cartoonist know that it is what actually happens in places that cannot be yet seen?Wallace and gromit's favorite video.Bro their zooming.This is my favorite Harry Potter soundtrack.Keep the great video's coming.

One of the greatest defensive players of all time.Words of wisdom.I am also trying learn resin art.Metal to metal attachment performance is really good?Got 66 right, was first really certain about the "tricky" one, but after some seconds of checking i realized itthanks for the little trick with shutting out the opennents king from the corner with the bishop, maybe using a knight instead would have mated more adaptable bc the case is different from the examples before.The President doesn't belly flop, he cannon balls!I can not read or understand those that are in geerman i barley understand my on english.

Great format but you should have your

Great format but you should have your

Please keep going!5:39 Bh7 was possible?I liked the part where Magnus was winning.Wow that’s an awesome desk Shaun.Great table and design.But why did we do that?

Simply excellent.

Simply excellent.

Beautiful cutting board.I didint know you had rubiks cubes.I'm definitely gonna try the Cocaine Bandit next time.Learn your place and speak with more respect.Very good video.

Swathi Devarapalli

Enoo rojula naa doubt ki clarify echaru broMeeru I like u r hard work god bless you Anna

stefan beek

WTF, every 4 min advertising,....Is that Youtube??

Mouse Guardian Of The Galaxy

Ivanchuck is a weird and beautiful genious in his own chess bubble! Beating world champions while picking his nose, looking at the roof and pulling on his eyebrows. Then goes on to taking mad chances and loosing against weaker players, then goes back to crushing the best! Still he is doing this, in 2019, after being top10/ top 20 for decades, still at age 50, being top 50 in the world, still!

Cesar Garabini

at 15:37 the guy is like "wow a free queen! Why cant i take it? im moving my mouse but it doesnt work... must be a bug...


Just an idea. I use a foil baking dish (turkey size) while applying the mineral oil. It keeps everything nice and clean and you can really soak the board in the oil.



check sth nice.. if they play Nd7, white answers with Qe2 and after Ngf6, white plays Nd6 checkmate!!so the best move for black insted of nd7 or nf6 is Bf4, trust me.. i play the caro-can defence...

Adam Quincey



I think that the the media, and the WHO, have blown this whole thing way out of proportion! The Flu has in the passed three months has killed many more people, and the corona virus hasn't even come close. I mean we are going to risk wreaking the world's economy, and panic over this! Get Real and Balanced in reporting this!


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