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PUZZLE : Fork in the Road - 2 [Humans Ville & Animals Town]

I had a friend who made sold rings on the street out of metal wire he would form into amazing designs.Hole saw on a lathe.Cool story at the end.Imut banggettt dek.Joel, this was my favourite 3DPN episode ever.This is how got into free jazz.Pray I will make queen from pawn.

I had JJDD to win but

I had JJDD to win but

Lol first name grandmaster.He looks like he's 45.The best part was Rook delivering the Checkmate.Fantastic mating variation.Cheers, K BTW I did a video about it here just this morning.Liked your video it was well produced and the wood turning on the lathe was very good.Need a life if I was the only one who saw that lolp.Maybe they did draw?"knights are better then rooks based on this class" rooks - rookies.Medieval people?

The woodworking is great but you have the

The woodworking is great but you have the

Next time the screen goes blank try pressing alttab twice in a row.I would add up the timeI needed and would custom cut the tape to what time I would need.I really dont understand it.REVERSE the ACRONYM, simple.Do you could made a one.

Muchas Gracias, aunque no comprendo el Idioma, es bastante explicativo con las imgenes, muy buen trabajo.I think that he has already developed a style of kibitzing.I would like to try some positions with Irina.Black's rook is at Re8 and White's rook is at Re3 facing each other.En mi coleccin no me creen la reflexin 2.

2 out of 3 cards.All the ones I seem to find look like something Dr Seuss dreamt up.What apocalyptic world was that Home Depot in?Huge blocks of wood whittled down to next to nothing.E3 to e8 is the bestmove because it will have checkmate so king should eat it and queen can take queen so we can win from that.IM rosen was so smooth!

DAmn, just throw the whole family away.Oh my Lord the beeping.Okay, so i didn’t get the golden fiddle joke until i replayed guitar hero 3.I wanted to see more of it finished.Thanks for the tips.Strange how people regard Ken West as an awful player.

Very sad for Vidit as he

Very sad for Vidit as he

That way it covers.Carlsen: 97 moves, 1 inaccuracy.Sometimes I open a second window and put on some old funk and watch "the man" work!Having both hands and both feet busy.But it is not over yet (I do not like Carlsen's personality he sounds arrogant.Hatehatehatehatehatep.Bubbles,lack of drying,improper sealing,not allowing for cracks to be filled before primersealer.Very nice sirBoth designe is better.Hey are you a member of my Chess Facebook page?Grabe lenaw ng content ni kuya.

tylar i

No destruction couple minutes later hand wall demolished


lol funny video agamator chess superstar!

Ayan Ghosh

Very instructive, thanks John! u rock!

Salvio Liccardo

The type or namespace "HealthBar" doesn't exist in the namespace "UnityEngine.UI" please, can someone help me!?

Human Man

10:57 smile means fuck you Hikaru

Niyas Sulthan

badygaurd vs kavalan

Red Judas

He told a kid that he's going to be buying him a father's day gift for his 2 o'clock class. Did he really just tell a kid he did his mom?

Aditya Modak

U should let him play instead of filling his minds with questions

Ice Age Baby

7:09 Magnus: Ah ok shoo shooDubov:

Shifu RC

I can tell you without a doubt Carlsen is playing him at half speed

neal tran

who is the goat in snooker?

Mitch Cedras

Literally no one:.......John Mongrel: "I kill dem"If you don't laugh, he going to have shecks wit you..

agadmator's Chess Channel

What's the verdict? Is it a blunder, or a Tal Move? :)

Barbara Plaskett

In the video you requested suggestions about things you could try. I believe you once took a class where you played with clay on a pottery wheel. I would like to suggest that you take a stab at hand building clay. With very minimal instructions.

gamer guid 8

only true Jacksepticeye fans would notice hats are the key

Stephen Hill

I enjoyed this video. Purely as a matter of interest I would like to know why 700 people disliked the video enough to bother to push the "dislike" button. What is actually, fundamentally wrong with what the presenter has said or done?

Om C

Draw against the Magnus when u r 15 is like stopping Thanos from snapping. GOOD STUFF


am i the only one who watche this in 2020

Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzn

Let's continue:1000 valley1001 valley1010 valley1011 peek - Oops!1100 peek1101 valley (wrong again)1110 peek1111 peek

Uncle Joe S

That must have cost the price of a small car! Oh, they did!I could probably have bought one of those nice modern Cortinas for 1,500GBP.No, inflation calculators don't work, using price as a fraction of earnings would be a bit better.I've never heard of these, Australia had to wait for the Japanese revolution, so thanks very much.A most cool machine piece of history.With Kenny Everett as a bonus!

Guy Ward

That's one great looking chessboard wish I was that talented of a wood worker. Thank you for sharing. GW


Please please read your instagram dm.

Dale Hill

very cool...nice job


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