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QUEEN SAC! ♕ Danish gambit opening ❄️⛄️♔👍 Chess Traps and Tricks! 🔥 🎆

If I were doing this for a friend or pay I would use the proper wood and do a new finish on the whole door.NASA is a fraud with proofs.Like I know you have things that you would think life isn’t worth it, and what you wrote on that really concerned me.33 or 35 kills but only 18 can b verified.Why the water inside the bottle was vibrating all the time?17:51 queen d1 is instant checkmate.

I'm from Tamil Nadu.Best chess channel on You Tube!That was scarier than any horror game I've played or seen.TruthandjusticeXXL.The bet is nothing compared to what he usual bets on so i think he did it for fun to raise Kevin's spirit.

Why do you keep moving the camera?In the 7th question why dont we divide by 35c2.Without error humans wouldn't exist.That you aren't wasting wood, but you also have wedges the exact same size as the tenons.Caruana just needs to get his short time control game down.ARE THE CHESS PLAYERS SMART?It took me the whole video to figure out that you sound like Carl from Llamas With Hats.How is it that two chess engines don't end up just playing the same moves every time they play each other?

Anyone believing a word out of

Anyone believing a word out of

Lovely work as always thanks.Older bananas are more alkaline.Ofc this wasnt a game agdmator would win.I'm guessing that he wants to be known as the best chess commentator.I can jump and my sprite will rotate when I press A or D, but it won't move forward or backwards.Does anyone know the coordinates of this island?19:40 you see something over the chess board i think its an orb.Thank you for the informative video.I love that's videos style.

Nice chess sofa cover ) good taste.

Nice chess sofa cover ) good taste.

Jerry - Computer: 1-1 ).Well it is interesting video and keep up the awesome work.Why they wear goggles?I found a way to cut out one step of the process.Everyone: ajjdjdjfjskfjMe, staring: 10:14.

Shinmen is early af.The knightmare position is hilarious, thanks for doing this Hikaru.I would like to think that if he has any possible way to do it, Mark is watching this over and over."It's white's move and after a check king to e2 would be a blunder if I am not missing anything.I dabbled in a lot them, Pascal, C, C, Cobol, Assembler, VB, Cand java but i still go back to C :).I’ve lost her but she is not dead.IF Bernie becomes president, you'd better sell all your stock.


Love this project and video. The angle of the drawer faces is so cool. The curved fall off design is wicked. Great work!

Nicolas Bal

Pretty sure Carlsen was also drunk as unsual on internet

Norbert Wilinski


Zaheer A

Penguin not around in this han

Adrian Zamorano


Andrew Lissitz

agadmator - Agadmator or anyone, at mark 6:45, why does the queen not take pawn c7?It will then also be protecting the night which takes pawn a5.Getting the queen to this square seems good to me, but perhaps I am missing something.Thanks!

Darrell Harrah

Thanks for the education and entertainment!You have talent and a wonderful personality.


We don't deserve Jerry <3

The Slider

"Grandi... was a monk, he was a mathematician, he was one one of those types" - lol!

ToGu 74

Super Video, super Projekt. Wie immer Kunst trifft Handwerk.

Nilla Wafers

So beautiful! Bet it would look amazing with colored power.

Adrin Aros

but can that snoball batle pack be an iceball?


Great video


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