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Queen Sacrifice leads to Double Check...mate

It's what we use in the entertainment industry.Idaho has 2 US Senators like NY and California.Graphite is a good metal on metal lubricant.Thanks again for an outstanding video in an outstanding shop and host!To be fair China does eat weird animals and dogs and is gross in most parts of it.Someone draws magnus.Thanks for your effort.You right about that g4 move, typical computer move.

Quoles- The passed Pawn is a

Quoles- The passed Pawn is a

Magnificent portrayal of the reality veiled in the times and lives of ordinary people living in a fragmented society.I like the criss-cross pattern of the lines going to the edge - reminds me of Japanese minimalism, clean lines and practical.Thanks Magnusyou are my favorite.This was exquisite and magical.Get Real and Balanced in reporting this!With the help of a simple computer program it would be not difficult to find out which piece goes were.Ruwet bro, no paktis.

It's those intermediary moves like Ne5

It's those intermediary moves like Ne5

Can you check critical positions and see whether it happens before or its a new position?07:00 hahaha I was about to say about the logo!I think you should have stopped at 12:20 and put it back together lol.Reverse engineering is careful disassembling of parts and NOT using a hammer.Your heating and cooling bill will drop to $30 a month.1:44 why notQa4 Ne7Qxb4?

'It was a picture of perfect

'It was a picture of perfect

You've given me a good option to fill in the space in between!Hey titan, your content is great and it is helping me alot.I would mention that the second solutionuses the law of total expectations which is also a formal way to solve this.And are they from ikea?After watching this video, i think i am some kind of physicists aswell.Another lucky win for Kasparov.After realizing I was completely confused, and now aware that this code was complete spaghetti crap, I immediately dropped the project, and have moved onto some other more comprehensible and organized tutorials.I cant still understand the static void or static int and return something lmao.Yesterday on Lichess I met a player who kept blundering his Queen for three games in a row.231583923166339248,16,24 are all multiples of 8Next multiple is 8432Next fraction1(6332)195As Easy As That.

I'm here thanks

I'm here thanks

Ships count as foreign ground.Raise it up so it doesn't interfere with the graphics that appear on the screen when the video is paused.Absolutely impressive.I'd also like to know how you come up with these intuitions around seemingly complex concepts like this.My heart is really pounding at the beginning!Realmente muy instructivo: con claridad y buena explicacin.IM ONE OF THE 7.Fantastic job on the restoration.

Rxf5 %clk 0:02:41 Rxf5 %clk 0:02:36 White resigns.I was just grinning until "formerly known as The Isle of Man".Your 'Please Just Do Better' compilation video was one of the most entertaining things I've ever seen.When Paul say it is poor man's, then it actually is.That last one would've had me sitting in that chair for hours questioning my life, my career, and piecing together how and why God hates me.How does that guy manage to speak updown his nose?Love all his videos.One of my fav chess teacher.Just a thought, I know it's not much.Are you sure you used enough nails.

Nothing is perfect.What did that man do to you?After all, he SAT down to blank manuscript paper and just wrote the stuff that was in his brain.It was a bit different in searching for Bobby Fischer movie.If you dont like them.He is a dumb boy.It’s called accents, ye cunts.I'm a beginner who plays the Caro Kann which oftens leads to cramped positions for Black.You look like a south east Asian.

david hall

About how heavy is the table? Also when it is fully cured how hard is it ? easily scratched?



respect and love from India... you are so hardworking

Mukesh Jidiya

How to Add Profile Picture Uploading

Microwaved Soda

you charge like 15k each? beautiful work

Ninnifier O.o

Question: How do you remember all the exact moves?? Was the game recorded?Nvm I watched the rest of the video... It was only 11 moves lol


The last number can easily be shut down if somebody knows traxler's counter attack

K Ross

Most twin engine planes do not have contra-rotating propellers.The only one I know of was the Lockheef P-38 Lightning and the RAF variants of it had single rotation props.

Junrex Manlanat

Sir roy miss na kita

Killian Defaoite

0:40 BEN FINEGOLD!!!!!

dave summers

I think Magnus made a big blunder....big blunder

Daniel C

Is that a pressure vessel you put that in or a vacuum chamber????

Budz Yams

Si Badjao Girl ba ang gumanap bilang Ate ni Simon? Magkamukha ee.


Link to the paper in the BSTJ:

Than Gerlek

Here's my guess for why they chose what they did. Even if though they had never used a phone before, it probably seemed more natural to them to place the buttons that way because that's how they read: Left to right, then top to bottom. As for the last line, only computer scientists start counting with zero so it would just be 123456789, and then 0 tacked on the end, almost separately.

Autoplaza Service

I would be very interested in having one made. Please email me at about how I would go about getting one done. Thank you.

Rony GT

Dude what about GTA 5 Online??? and games like Blur and Need for speed and Forza 3???

Sup Boys



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