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Queen Sacrifices, with GM Ben Finegold

Anyone know where 9:39 is from what video?14:28 I literally thought Qb3 was a good move because it attacks his undefended piece.Fischer-Karpov : the world will never know.

Day 2:Since Bob passed knowing that Alice has either 10 or 12 trees (and Alice knows this) and she knows that he has either 6 or 8, she now knows that he sees 8 trees, since clearly if he sees 6 then he would have known the answer to be 18.I'm a Biscuit Guy.However, it still bugs me that a pawn can become a queen, promoting transgenderism.I think top level chess should be on tv and you can commentate.If it's too smooth the paint doesn't bite.One video seeing the sled in use would be great!She wasn’t even trying.Mashalah such a cute baby.This last hand was purely luck, the kind of game i hate in Poker.

Music and it's emotion is universally

Music and it's emotion is universally

Cad os Brasileiros ?You ever think Magus smurfs people in Chess Online?Dont let it stop here!queue Vsauce music: 1:35.Yes KNOWLEDGE goes a long way but just seeing the if this and blah totally doable With determination.Much more funny and interesting are Fischer's games.Those molecules really do be vibing tho.

I really liked the way

I really liked the way

I need that tapa.Thank you Mato for posting such a wonderful games,especially Tal's.Why is it important to keep the bishop 1 square from the side?Only agadmator can make "hyperbolic time chamber" sound cool.Then the win of alireza over Carlsen got me to stand and I got completely out of sleep and lazyness.No clamps bigger than about 6 inches either, and my current workbench is an old Workmate.The target branch I work at has been perennially out of medical masks, hand sanitizer, and most recently, toilet paper for some time now.Unlike games like Chess Go, one has to be able to recognize what plan of execution the position is telling you to consider adjust accordingly.Yes you are the best!I always wanted to know it was done now I guess I do.

Great outside the cube technique.ALEKHINE PLAYED WELL.As a person living in 3rd world tropical country, the amount of great type of wood is awesome.) or the lovely high 5 moment at the end.I’m in orchestra and I get it it’s really bad the bridge is to close to the fingering board sort of and she did not look like she was doing vibrato or doinge fingerings.Quiero aprender.Many do not know, that almost every minesweeper games are making sure that the first clicked cell is an empty cell!Thanks Mr: Larson!

I feel like I just watched a Christopher Nolan movie.10:15 ahh so thats where he got the thumbnail ideas.Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford tools large enough to pull off projects like this lol.Gracias por mirar y tus comentarios!Cops dont do shit!What do you think about Sycamore as a wood choice?Beautiful, Meticulous Work my Friend !One for each function you need to write.Most of the rest of the world have Normal ratings but the nationsregion I mentioned above are very competitive.Now THIS is woodworking!

( -, Be6 dxe6 fxe6 Bxe6 Nc6).Very instructive!A6 IS the NAJDORF variation.Thanks for another insightful and beautiful video GeekZone!Im not a chess player btw.

intra morph

hey are you selling these? i'm interested in purchasing a set


bn mnh 12 tui, bn mnh elo 1600 n ko, bn mnh hi

Andrea Ferraris

First comment to your videos. Great job mate!And well after playing chess as kid with my dad, passion reemerged. Now I'm becoming addict!Playing on lichess too, which too is addictive!Rating 900-950... not a real genious I'd say! :D


very niceboard and video. Do these larger pieces have a larger tendency to crack? or are they dryand stable enough?

David Kirkpatrick

What about the pritchel Hardy hole ?

Ivan Split

Very poor commentary, basically only replaying game moves with no strategic insight except it will mess his pawn structure.

Deborah Jane

si oscar ayon nasa kulungan padin kasama mga kriminal. kulet eh hahahaha

rafli nur

Well atleast he still can control him self


Ding is in excellent form- how about the Sinquefield cup win, beating Carlsen in play-offs?

Trng Sn Hero

Xin link game vs

Erin Nielsen

Does anyone know if this specific selection is available for download/purchase as piano sheet music? By the way, what a refreshingly uplifting comment section! We need more of this in life!

Mack Monsees

Andrei that looks amazing. Can I ask what is in the big white container you showed just before you glued up the final strips it's the Kleiberit and what was the thick finishing stuff that you troweledonto the chessboard.



Adrian Manansala

1533 games. 91.3%. Do you even sleep men.

Deekshith Cs

I have been subscribing for your three channels

Bastian Stieg

Why not 36. Ke1?

Skylar LeBlanc

yes but after black plays rook h1 white plays king e2 and then after rook takes rook king takes bishop black is still way ahead but thats why i think bobby didnt do it he wanted to make sure he won and did it this way

Meme Dude


Ryan Clark

36:45 You want your chain back, Jakk...nigga go get itJesus!!!

Mohd Suhel Mansoori

This guy is crazy unstoppable.U r osam coder never seen like u before.


no entend quien gano al final

Megamind Blue

Wow, not to brag or anything but I predicted 3 out of 5 of the moves in this video and I'm a 1500 rated player. The first one really caught me off guard though, what a brilliant move and what a brilliant player!

Fritz pogi Villanueva

Kawawa ang magulang kapag ginaganyan ng anak imblis na tulungan hinde panatin tinutulungan ang magulang ang ilaw sa atin kahit anong mangyare nandyan parin sila para sa atin



mike blust

ok first comment was only a few minutes in. finished the tutorial and i gotta give it to ya thats one of the best of THOUSANDS of how tos ive ever watched. im no authority and this will not positively affect you in any way but bravo man outstanding job!! subscriber!!


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