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Queen versus Rook endgame, Attacking tips, Body Check and Wedge

At around 4:31:00 why not queen takes knight?I always pictured them as grey plain stone.What are the the dimensions for the final product?

Do what's inside of NOKIA.Lincen and Dane I will tell ur fucher u will be in YouTube e rewind.His rating is 2202.Maybe some tool company will send you a milling machine.It was beautiful.Lol am 18 and now beginning to learn.I am still rolling on the floor.What is your rating sir?Who else pulled up the dial pad on their cell phone just to have a look after watching this.I still love the furbies.

After that, you

After that, you

The secret is hiding a child underneath the board with a magnet.What an amazing video, thank you!Am I missing something?Awesome, great video.I hope they burn for their entire life.Later I bought a VHS with top loading, but I was not happy with the picture quality.) hybrid machine to make the vase, while Patrick Swayze hugs her from behind.Tania really does greatinteresting interviews.Qween - Bishop f6 (White)Black has no options pawn - Qween f6Knight - e7 Forking the qween and king (White)White is now up in material.

  I think Carlson will be geared up to make a big statement with the next game.Me, who's been plying for like 8 months lmaohah, noobsMe 8 months ago: this lmao.Send me some of your "things" from your lower drawer haha.Well even if i win i would give this guy money, because he was respectfull as one can be, a true chess player, and from appearence you can say he look like good guy!Cho em xin phn mm anh i!This video makes it more charming by identifying the goof ups, but that’s probably because I don’t plan to watch it again.Holy shit man, you deserve waaaay more views!Thanks a lot for taking your time.Virtue signalling with the "casually racist instruction manual" comment was absolute cringe.


"For Spartaaaaaa........"and they sacrifice themselves...

Ross Gallo

i had to watch this for school but turned the speed to 1.5 so i could finish before everyone else

November Kat

I used to watch this a lot like 2 years ago or 3, old memories :)

Dyana Mullican

Loved the video thank you for sharing with us. I use the Kreg form to make picture frames.

Low Fex


Meat Scepter

Hey Techmoan, have you archived the recording?

Ben Siener

Todays video is brought to you by NordVPN.

Paras Gulati

What is the price of this item


Did you include in your calculations checks, because you don't have so much different versions of movement when it happens?

syed maaz

Isnt the mistake is x is a solution, since for the given quadratic real roots doesnt exist so solving equation by dividing by imaginary roots to prove real equation is FRAUD


Bro, very nice concept but I have to ask why you didn't put more effort into the finish?I'm not trying to troll you or anything like that.

Martin Halley

That is just brilliant.

Sandro Raysson

Very good, congratulations on the video. Hugs


"HE'S UP A PAWN" 3 seconds later. "He's up a a piece" 13 seconds later "Mate on the H-file"2 seconds later "Nope there's something faster?... a sideways mate..."

chris hamilton

how much snipe did you get using your planer thicknesser? Good video!

Randy Cleveland

We can thank Democrats for the "pathetic" healthcare program we are stuck with!And what, we want to let Democrats try again?Wow!

Mahmmod Emran

You use a knife to slice my head and weep beside me when I'm dead what am I. One out of millions can match it

Hobo Dawg

1:37:31 - A knight promotion would have won!

al astair

god i love these two, danny and bobby

Anthony Mortimer

Brian may is by far my favourite lead guitarist. I love his talent for making such memorable solo's.

Ben Rothschild

Excellent video! Check out my rap song about Morphy's Opera House Game by RothschildChess


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