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Que venha Magnus Carlsen! | Carlsen x Ivanchuk (2015)

Become a billionaire.50m and what is the reason?This is awesome mister!2:29 he said newt scalamander!At 4 35 why white not play g4 and fork bishop and knight would trade rook and pawn foe bishop and knight.

Hopefully a video on the supposed Riemann hypothesis proof soon!For ki(j-i) we get imim(k(j-i)-i)mim, so for a:im and b:(k(j-i)-i)m we get aaba.) Thanks for everything!It was more "modern"design with a digits in a tubes not numbers like this.White could have easily won if he didnt just kept moving his king.00 on mine and it only mills34" wide and 34" tall great videos.I like audible ads, quick.

Magnus rarely squander such endgames.Are you the only one who has worked on it?Louis should just fck off, I'll never watch their channel again!Aye them shoes are hard tho.What if everyday the 12 probabilityresult is always "the seed not transforming into a tree", then there's no exact answer.Bro is moe okay.

He’s a chess icon, a great player and

He’s a chess icon, a great player and

There's schools where he learned these things right?His adoptive parents are greatly to blame for his state of mind.Exe file to install the program.Can someone shut this lady up!Might want to make sure that it is in concert pitch when demonstrating.Bh6 this is clearly much better for white.What if the black king went to A8 corner?Well I would change the dice a bit because I’m so used to newer dice versions it was a tad confusing at first but you can’t help but wonder about it and be excited for it!A small percentage of autistics do have some special skill - but so do a small percentage of non-autistics!

Not every ancestor is

Not every ancestor is

Me encanta jugar ajedrez.Ha ha very good video, glad I found you.What video from your uploads expands on the cochrane gambit?Mahal na mhal ko kau mga anak q dqu kau susukuan."Sorry mate i am not that slow nor that weak".3:57 why not rook e1 pinning the queen?The fact that I don' t play chess, but I still find these videos extremely entertaining to watch is a testament to their qualify!Cn the first pile, then there are X of them Face up, flipping them up we find n-X face up.Nothing was illegal.

Your work is beyond

Your work is beyond

AubandJoe Montana.The big drawback is speed.What about dogs?(where one of the diagonals work).You forgot to mention how pissed off Magnus Carlsen was after the game, accusing Ivanchuk of losing on time in most of his games and bringing his best when faced him.A truly great vidof helpful tips you given me some new idea's thxs for sharing.Great video, I liked the divide and conquer reasoning, that's how good diagnostics should be carried on, and I am only a computer science engineer with a master degree in computer science.How did Zach win if all he had was a pair and Keith had a flush?

Okay no, I feel like this

Okay no, I feel like this

This is cultural misappropriation.I'll definitely be having words with my dad and uncle tomorrow morning!Loved the video.You seem like a really nice guy, I mean it.Refusal to pay allamony is a jailable offense Fletch!End grain boards take a lot of oil.I can't unsee this Bjork dudes nipples.

After Ke3 by Carlsen, Rxe3 (threatening Qxg2 mate)

After Ke3 by Carlsen, Rxe3 (threatening Qxg2 mate)

You will enjoy playing this game!DAnd also thanks GMM Finegold for the always funny and instructive lectures!Please pin this comment!Technology's taken the art out of a lot of things- music, photography,hell, even war.Perhaps you should make an introductory video!Hi, strange use of the lazer for the checkerboard!Aleprechaun lol.58 minutes 58 seconds not happening.I'm so happy that I managed to find all moves except the first one which shocked me, and the castling one.Knowledge gained.

Anadi M


Joseph Robbins

I'd like to get a hold of one of those Bosch fart guns.... 1:11



Med Amine Amali

the most boring comment u got to improve


John is an A.I programmed to say "That's a lie" and "He's telling the Truth"


Thank you for doing these videos. I only found you because of Keith Rucker's channel. I'm interested in learning wire inlay but after watching this video I tried to find where to buy the wire and couldn't find it on eBay or Amazon. Don't know where else to look.

Sondre Hardy

Rook e4 such sweet

Min Suga's Natural Hair Is Daebak

Wow I didn't expect that Eugene would drop the dogs to save his friends <3And the end was just too damn cute xD

Aakash Bagga

12:59 king from g1 to h1 .. in the explanation following, what was the significance of this. king did not influence the play nor was g1 square used by another piece... What am i missing?

free style piano maestro

No need to cover the set with a lot of words. Just speak out. Don't use dialogues on the board

Rauf Abdullayev

white is winning if play bishop e3 not queen a6

Gediminas arpis

nice video! Ugly lemniscate...

martv martv



2:42 ??


Using scrap wood to make tools to make scrap wood tools to make more scrap wood tools to make and everyone of them are professional grade. I'll never measure up this much, but you sir are an inspiration.

Elhas Maaz

Stupidest game

Levente Adam Szabo

9:48 Qh5?

Rosalinda Moreno

I am moe Sargon Tom my boy

Iure Souza

Alexandra !!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !

j2kool c

amazing craftsman

Sivin Johny


Blackbox Fluers

wtf...use fighter..or tank..not always watch ur videos...plz use another hero..noted..miya build..copy.


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