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"All the Love Anyone Ever Gave Me" Chessa Rich | NPR Tiny Desk Contest Submission 2019

Guys an f'n genius.Because it seems like that would be a very fast way to calculate prime numbers.Double the rooks anyway, thereby threatening exf5, when black moves the bishop, white wins the pawn back by attacking d6.Spoiler MAGNUS WON BETTER THAN FABIANO.For once I wish these serial killers who were bullied in their youth would go back and kjll their bullies instead of innocent strangers.

Soviets nomore excist.I once caught a HUUUGE 1.Will you show me how to make a pichow game it an awsome game i think.Bang makasih bgt gua pake jebakan ini menang lomba.Uncle Rico’s past was a little dirtier than they let on huh.

His left hand, 2 octaves

His left hand, 2 octaves

Can two opponents who know each other so well able to produce an identical game?When you stub your toe but you don't feel anything.That was amazing!Your content is important and educating.Games like this deserve to be in a playlist of their own.

One thing I always

One thing I always

Nice conclusion to this sad bizarre case of wife murder.(And I've seen a lot).DON’T WORRY RANDOM PERSON THE PERSON WHO WAS TRYING TO SEND THIS IS IN NEED OF PUNISHM- I MEAN OF HIS MEDICINE.Gotti had a debatable with Charron?Wow this is amazing!(y) nice video Thanks Mato.Anyways thankyou for the presentation was really thoughtful.

Shipbuilding Expert.

Shipbuilding Expert.

One thing I wish you would have done is choosing a lighter wood so the cooper stands more out.Let the plane guide u my friend lol, well done for trying on hand plane think u did ok,.Plus or, i won the game!Just give em to your daughter on her birthday, or use them for packaging.My grandfather made a family tree of every ancestor, which at some point included Charlemagne!

I even requested the tool list (thankfully I

I even requested the tool list (thankfully I

Most of these negative comments are jealous they don't have these skills!The videos you made 5-10 years ago were much more kind and lovely (well, YOU were!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Hello master, thanks for all thing.Louis Rapid 2017.

Anthony Wolf

Why the hell don't they have a higher camera angle to see more clearly? piss me off video company

Bradley Johnson

Carlson is awesome, simply awesome. A single flaw in your reasoning, or timing, or tempo - and he will rout you out in seconds. Scary.

Dean D.L.

Thanks to iPhone I read, 10-year-old (1733) Beats A GrandmaYikes

N Gauge England -Synthematix-

am radio is nothing, it can even be picked up with a piece of wire and earphone

Blazing Surge

But what if they take the pawn at the beginning

Todd Wilburn

That hole is .0002-.0003 over 1 inch cause 1 inch pin will not go in a 1 inch hole.


"It's not clear how he got good."That's actually an extremely interesting question.


I like the way you cleverly slipped in the fact that Roy Harper sang the lead vocal on Have a Cigar at 33:26.To this day, most people I mention it to, some even who've been fans of the Floyd for decades, still think it was Waters.


I watched a tutorial just like this on the same topic like 3 years ago dang why did I remember it though

Sage ReFleX

How to achieve checkmate in 2 movesShows Chess game in endgame


I think most people would have taken one look at this and tossed it.It is truly amazing to see the before and after.I really admire the talent you all have.

Ferus Krieger

My guess about the swords (it's just a guess, no real evidence) is that they would've been outlawed around people of high status, like kings or whatever, but chances are I'm wrong.

Ashary WillofD

Hanzo was my only hero from Grandmaster to Mythic with full of mvp.


Very beauty


Booo won on time ...

Kaustav Kundu

Do a video on history of chess

Udo Rechner

Very nice cabinet. should be very useful for all the little stuff you may need in your Workshop.

Astronaut Ninja

Andrew Yang brought me here...


back in 2013 it felt as if the Berlin defense was everywhere, now it's much more rare at the top level. what happened?

Gaurav Kumar

plz give me the whole source code for this

adnan hassanieh

its the hardest problem, I am programming it from 3 years, hope to find the perfectequation


I am so new at chess I dont know what even happened.

Slick Roode

He made it look nice and 'ruff' heheeee...aherm...I'll get my coat.

Sandeep Shetty

if Anand is capable of getting the trains arrive on time, he should for sure head the Indian railways

Suvarna Ghadage


Lioness Leo

Can we use milk instead of butter milk..plz tell me


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