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" Let's Chess "Malayali samajam held chess tournament in Mumbai

7:41Why doesn't black queen take rook here?14:14 why did he resign?You just need a simple sled (anyone reading this can search YT for "planer sled")and a few shims (I use cedar shim shingles from the home center) to prevent the twist from being flattened by the planer's rollers.The World, 1999.I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally like this!I can't understand my own writing after i write more than 3 letters.

Tip: a good alternative (and dairy free) option is to add coffee instead of buttermilk to the mix!It's not just furniture, it's a piece of arts and crafts.So moe is this asylum worse than the asylum in Kentucky?The victim gets a dice roll to avoid losing their piece completely.I can tell you how old that yellow stool is.

  All in all, a very sour

  All in all, a very sour

Yes a solution is a way of solving problems but that solution must derive from people's perspective or pre information of what solutions are allowed as some people would be disciplined to thinking they cannot think outside the box.Jediking12 in the book he has silts like a snake and in themovie he has a nose what?Carmilla and Hayabusa's SS.What can I add instead of baking soda?I use bubble tea straws, but yours look much bigger.Bonnie and Clyde are the bestt.My friend at 12:52, do you think the best player in the world would be so stupid to play knight e8-f6?Please get a microphone!

Can someone explain 3:11 about Gregory Kaidanov?Hey can I win in court!"Or, it's move 38 and they have 1 minute on their clock and they blunder, and then somebody wins.Mr linus is kind people, i love mr linus.Impressive by Duda, I didn't expect that after the loss with white.This is getting interesting.And I have no issue that they played some poor moves or should that be that their played or opponent played but that's too long to type.

I’m not the only one

I’m not the only one

But im no expert.This company vs hackers vs hackers is too funny.I would love to get into something like this.Moe please goback to get marvin the dogreally scary content I love spooky things.I would love to come to a Sunday dinner I bet she can just flat out cook period.30:02 Pawn G3 traps the black rook, right?I Wana print, Me 3d printing in 3d printer.That’s why I’m doing EECS (Electrical Eng and Comp Sci) lol.A smaller duplicator for lighter projects could possibly make do with something like a Dremel tool to do the cutting.I want to do some great wood work like you someday.

How the heck do you

How the heck do you

Wow my dog is smarter than you.Great introductory essay on chess basics.Screws can be hammered in like nails.This forces white to go back to 2.I think humans don't lkike to do that, because it has greater chance of backfiring if the opponent figures it out and uses for his advance.Can you make a video about p vs np.Carlsen has played some incredible engine moves over the course of his career (as he still does) that would require 10 minutes of analysis by Ginger for us to understand them.

This move is called Roy Lopez idk

This move is called Roy Lopez idk

Even though the position at that point was still drawn, Geller became flustered and soon blundered the game.Maraming mapupulot na aral,lalo n sa mga magulang na mahilig magkumpara s mga anak,imbes na tulungan para ituwid ang kanilang buhay mas lalo png dinadown,nakakaiyak,thanks po MAGPAKAILANMANEverythingHappensForAReason.It would have been a draw right if the king moved to d8?I have easier solutions to every one of these problems.Why cant the fat guy keep his mouth shut?THANK YOU BRACKEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.Abe ei gyz q imai malko respect kym Karpov .Have you heard of this?

Heath Knuckles

Very nice!  New sub here!  Shogun-Jimi sent me your way... thank you Jimi! :)

Denny G

Hey Jerry, hope you're well! Enjoy watching you live on Lichess

Elroy Kerstens

Dr Annie Raymond is beautiful


great vid as always, ty! just one lil thing: please stop using the term "double-attack" incorrectly.

John Keen

favorite words"grab yourself"

Rupesh Soni

You are good job

Loeqman Hajji


Will M MTB

Just a massive 10 minute advert

Greg T

That boy would've lost had Adam had more time

Tn Duy

Sao hu ko qua a5 r y tt b4 r rt hu v a3 , ti sao li bt cht hu


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