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"The Waste Land" - The Burial of the Dead (part 2 of 2)

These videos are incredible and extremely useful.Was risky, but Magnus seems to have picked up some new ideas from AlphaZero on how to play some positions, creating active lines for his pieces with very long-term goals.He knows, he is the last line of defense of the soviets against possible US chess dominance takeover.I can’t wait to see ALL of the videos you have.It's Rameshbabu not Rameshba"m"u.And it looks almost exactly like an alumigator, so I would be curious to see how price:performance compare on the two.11:06 Was surprised to hear you say 3.When you're forced to move from fusion360 cause they are not able to manage the continous 5 axis milling.

This is a great approximation of pi:3141592653589793238462643383279510000000000000000000000000000000.You doubled in 6 months!I can't remember openings.And more People know !Thank you very much for your work.I only wish I had come across this video sooner.If you rase up one side of the diverging diamond andor lower down the other side you wouldn't have to use the traffic lights, they would just flow though and won't get in each other ways, so no worry about traffic backing up.

Please React to this animekids

Please React to this animekids

1:45 "Some Enchanted Evening"!We want more Zvezdelina!Already here for the the Ruy Lopez is on the board.THUNDER THINGYs.Binge watching all of ur videos again.You need a fine hacksaw blade detatched from it's handle, the just slice across the back, nice and even strokes.

I accept serious answers only.I never said they weren't.I cant for the life of me figure out why the snake isnt moving.Helps to move it when hands are wet and helps break any suction that occurs between the board and counter due to moisture.5:46 who's whispered?The commentators need to stfu.In 1993, he played Kasparov (and lost).Peter Svidler is a real gentleman.The white queen is pinned due to the threat of the pawns.

Feminists: Men have all the

Feminists: Men have all the

I saved a friend from breaking her second laptop by calmly talking her down and running some scans and updates.SI bonita sa KG.But can it run 10,000 chrome tabs?I don't like clowns :(.Is breathing that cut up insulation OK to do?As they step in the line they will know which number are they in the line (1st,2nd,3rd) and than when the test starts he will just say everyone elses colours starting with the person second from the left side of the line.One of the things I like the most about your channel is learning some the terminology you use in the UK versus here in the states.2:25 that is a sensate streamer.Keep up the great work.Why does matter shape space-time?

Samuc Trebla

Would you cheer for logan paul vs KSI or rather Tal vs botvinnik ?It's a rhetoric question

Lucas Miertschin

What is epi ?

Terry Romero


Paul Smith

No songs about chess? What about "Bad Losers on Yahoo Chess" by Half Man Half Biscuit?

Mohamed Haaris

03:56 she could have finished.

Ronger mendez

Precio por favor desde Peru

Daniel Frederikson

Who is the peanut talking???What a cunt of an accent! The accent of a poor person.


Where is the quote from? I can't seem to find it

Naseema Ashraf

Thank u sir.. It is very helpful and easy to understand..


They did awesome!

meonline asin

good video

Faruk Abdagic

Did they play Indian opening...

Shawna Wyant

the water in the beginning is so beautiful and clear


hey stew! do you have the dc direct new gods superman figure? id love to see him reviewed. he is done in a jack kirby art style!

Mrs Strange Davos

2020...march and I'm still listening to this beautiful song that makes me feel have been here on this earth before now.

Adam Nieckarz


Phoenix Rael Tumaneng

Ah yes...Noice

rommel brian

grave!sobrang bigat ng dagok sa puso ko...iba talaga magmahal ang isang ulirang ina...kaya nararapat lang na mamahalin natin ang ating mga magulang hanggat kaya pa nilang idilat mga mata nila...maging huwarang mga anak sana tayong lahat...nag iisa lang ang ating tatay...ang ating nanay...

Brett Spillers

Looks like a m16 k you're using to cut the clay? I use mine every day.

Joel David Waterslide lover

WTF blaser is a swiss company and u got oil from them... sick

LIvrai- nos

I have Excalibur Kingmaster 2in1 - Rating 1600...awesome. I bought in August 2019


Rule number 1: you never talk trash to carlini carl8ni talks trash on you

Billy'S World of CRAZY!

Nice cutting board

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