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Seeing everyone's stories and comments on here I dunno made me see some of the good left in the world.You are very intelligent and helped me see various lines, I thank you for that.For me that means none in the fridge.Clears mud out of eyes.7:13 This really does look like a rotation in 3D rather than some purely 2D transformations.

Please double check this links.5 min, just to get more and more admiration and respect for the problem.Thus strengthening e4 until he can play d4.But this is dope great job!THIS is the video that convinced me to join your Patreon.Your comment on this would be greatly appreciated.9:52 the second time VT was brought up on a podcast while I was there and neither mentions have been positive.

This is truly

This is truly

Now i know its a giant multigrain cheerio.Tal, the boss of satranjp.You kind of look like a serial killer and sound like you just smoked an eighth of chronic, HOWEVER, I have never learned so much in such a short space of time from anyone, ever.Thank you for your efforts.Omg beautiful so much.I guess atleast some of the dislikes are caused by this.What is that, like a 200 lb.5:43 why not qxa1 first?

Especially to someone

Especially to someone

I now want to try and build one via revese engineering.Pawn to e4 is actually just said e4.He lost no games out of 20.  Classical music is about pure emotion.Before, if I played anyone under say 1500 I would think I HAD to be better off and possibly not think too much (because their moves just had to be rubbish.Where did you buy your drone.Then there's basically still no difference.India we use electric cremation.

I have both beach, mtns.After I watched your latest video I realized I missed this comprehensive amazing educational series.When agadmator used his mouse to play b4, I knew he was playing a joke.Human played drums sound better than machine drums.Just skipper to random moment and it was Qa3.Please keep doing what you're doing, brother." I think that problem has the same solution as your video.I can say that that's a serious compliment.I’m just trying to find a way to beat one of my friends who are really good at chess.Suggestiona tal game please.

Love that the epoxy is transparent.Superb winning, the child is really nice in chess.Amazing looking cutting board.1:31 yea my reaction too lol.For 3 min blitz games: Agad :.

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At this point in Washington State the Administration has cause to be hyper vigilant and release the facts on the possible thousands who may be unwittingly infected. Rather than going on a "It's all Donald Trump's Fault" narrative world tour.

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Minimize the wastage of water

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Berk Kar

8:27 I guess YouTube did find out the song.


39:30You can give white some kleenex after that position too.Probably shouldn't make that joke...oh well I already did.

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I do make my own coffee from grinding beans. Unfortunately, I can't find a manual grinder and use an electric powered one. The only way I can make coarse ground beans is by only powering the grinder in short bursts. I also use what's called a French press. It's a glass cylinder with a screen on the plunger. I put the ground beans in the glass, add hot water, wait 5-10 minutes, then push the plunger down and pour a cup of coffee. I do not like instant coffee and don't like to use finely ground beans as they clog up the screen. I also like my coffee to be strong black coffee and don't use cream or sugar. I do like your YouTube channel and how you restore antique things and have been subscribed for quite awhile. I also get notified when you post another video.

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The Titans-bet was fundamentally wrong because of the marginal utility of money. It was such an offshot, that the money you save by not making the bet is worth more than the money you make if the miracle hits. Just look up "St. Petersburg paradox".

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Poker Chess=Choker

gurugubelli venkata narasimha das

Ling is more powerful then dyrroth


Kulet was smart and lucky he just stalked her. The other girl he killed

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Que prova maravilhosa. Eu aplaudo essas coisas T-T


The Qb3 Bc4 battery is my favorite weapon in the Giucco Piano / Evan's. 


Can't wait to get quantum computers so we can finally calculate the true value of this sucker

Fireball Phill

hell yeah! love the pattern, or lack there of!!


im always one beside. when i say 8, its the ninth card why?

Chris Goodhall

The Finegold effect - Very suspicious !


He sounds a like a guy putting on a stereotypical Russian accent.


This guy goes so deep into the hypothetical situations that i forget lol

Moe Lee

I pick Flex 14

EddTheBob !

The captions said bars mode, and sometimes VARs mode


Chucky is an international treasure.

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It seems to be fixed

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