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RaRa The Great/Padawan Training Chess Board Setup

Though mine cooked in almost 35 mins, i don't know if i should have some more to get that browning.Held your own against a top player.Anu ba to, nag ayos ako ng sarili kc aalis kaming mag asawa, biglang dumaan sa recommendation ko to, tapos paiiyakin lang pala ako ng sobra, aalis tuloy kaming mugto ang mga mata ko huhu.For the record I all ready searched in chess base and chess dot com and I did find nothing.Your work is amazing.Summer madness', out of 8, IN 6 YEARS.You help me improve in chess.

Yo did Lincoln go through puberty.Everyone interested by this should check out nand2tetris.Tfw no qt3,14 mathy gf :(.These are most underrated links on internet today.Thanks for sharing.Lol in this case the name fits perfect.I can s what you mean by the vibes though.That is an amazingly beautiful bowl!

You opened with Neither

You opened with Neither

But it would be really nice to have some detailed instructions listed underneath i.I renewed respect for real professionals.(Multiplayer perspective).Better: camera in front of them so you can see their faces and blend in a board as an overlay.EB n rem be looking fire!Even if white plays, R a6, there could be B X f2, if rook takes, Q e3.So only 2 would get it wrong or 1 if you do this and that way you'd be able to have the last person know?

15 19 23 01, so

15 19 23 01, so

Aside from the excellent joinery, I found the following good things:- No Talking- No MusicThank you!It's ChessNetwork.I most appreciated the tip about the nail between two pieces of wood to know where to drill for dowels.- I'm not from India!Get some sleep Ben.Hearing alis scream out of no where when NOTHING scary happens is beautiful.Can you make video on Chrome Dinosaur game?

John Smith

Brilliant Steve.


Why isnt this built into Unity? UE4 has this!

Eskimo Quinn

Love you Paul. Why not hardwood for this project?


suggestion you should switch to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Nepali Congress

bro don't talk bout each move

Shivam Zaveri

04:41 Can Ke2 is Best Move For Black??? According To My Theory In This Way He Will Win This Game. Analysis This Move Ke2 At 04:41 Time And Give Your Valuable Reply

Marcelo Kehl

Aman is awesome commenting these games!!! A BIG like for you guys!!!

Duane Miller

Altitude does make a difference. The higher you go the lower the temperature to make water boil. Therefore the steam temperature is lower. As a result of this it will take longer for the heat and moisture to penetrate the wood. Although I do Woodworking, I know this from physics, that and cooking because of differences in recipes when I lived in Rapid City at something over 3000 feet above sea level.


hahahahhahah 24:44

Gerbert D Aurillac

I love classical stockfish. whoops, I mean classical arena. :)

Altair Ibn La'Ahad

Nihal Sarin, Kerala's pride and India's.

Fanstar Gaming

Awesome budddy

I know you’re right but

I’m a generation 15 kinda guy

Mark Solomon

The GM fool played ...Rd7 instead of ...Bd6. Boxed his king in.

Michael Lipich

I understand I’m late here, but what’s stopping him from moving Knight to D 4, forcing exchanges to work in his favor?

hoaphamhai2006 hoaphamhai

l quang lim gii tht y

Timothy Cole

Looking to start collecting. What would be the best booster box to buy to start?

Anitha Aithal

How to make rfid access control system


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