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13 ads in a 13 minute video.CarlsenProbably the two all-time greats.I played chess with him like every night.Or is that faulty logic, are they not entirely causative?

31:31 Black is running out of pieces to attack there's The Jerry.This is the first problem I truly felt stumped on so far.Your sequence at 15 min of the alternate moves are off." "My internet service Provider failed to provide me with the service of internet" "What a weasel" This stuff is pure gold!Vector 3D 3D and solutions of 3 equations in 3 variable Cramer rule.WowowoowwoAmesome sooooo beautifulI like ur Very very very very much channel.Angelo, when you began this particular video you stated that you were nervous and you are showing signs of being scared throughout the beginning.I really enjoyed this coverage!

The bowl won't hold water!Someone please tell me they remember doing this too.The second and third puzzles are all about pattern recognition I've taken similar I.Magnifique bravo Mr !Very nice design!Don't create a panic.

This was the time to prove to the world that battle rap is a serious sport and belongs to be in the forefront of Hip-Hop and I think they dropped the ball.Is spacex going to kill ula.Magnus showing some cracks.Grand design, the electricity that courses through and all around us is the life force of the universe, and just like cells, plasma self organizes, hence the name coined by Irving Langmuir.Naka is very attacking ).Adhi enduvallana jaruguthundi.10 seconds in and I hate that dog.

Get to the fucking point already holy shit.1:02:10 first lost.Cancer is killing cancer You are bad guy, but that doesn’t mean you are bad guy.Let's see some 1-min tourneys.Who is this stunning lady.Found you from Chris' channel.Awesome project and table look's great!Mato has a CONTAGIOUS SMILE.En 8:59 las blancas hacia torre f5 y te la ponia mas dificil.Connect the light sensor in series with the line in.

After Queen B2, what if white

After Queen B2, what if white

As Lasker said The best move is the one that makes your opponent the most uncomfortable.Anyone know where you can find world rankings?For this game, yes, this is an exciting fighting draw that was definitely played at a higher level than the Immortal Draw Game.Why does it always need to reach the leftmost wall before taking a turn to the right?The portal piece only posses the power to teleport pieces and move like a king.But it doesnt matter when your work is this good!Genericusing System.We learned how to play chess in class, and I beat him, so he challenged me to a rematch.

Hyper Hektor

why didn't you add the centerhole for the gear in the g-code? the 4-jaw lathe boring looks off-center (wobbling), i mean the odds you hit the center right manually is pretty the way your magic is very entertaining :D

Mayerliz Villalba

Cual es el papel marron


Anish Giri has an impersonator.

Joshua DeYoung

Addison was playing in a give up fashion too early. I'm not sure the move number but at the 9:11 mark Blacks next move is to turn Bobby's aggression on him. Fight fire with fire. Black could dopawn to e4 or even better Queen to b1!

Sam Ekkohope

first ez pz dota is best


wtf I hate proprietary software now

Pike Sike

Shame on you

Benjamin Lloyd

this is a lovely video :)


If I was in Fischer's shoes I would literally jump ata draw offer, especially if I was already in such a bad position if not losing.


James Cameron would be proud :)

Morgan Barker

7:49. But, but my mallet isn't done yet! 14:38 those are also known asVixen files. I have one and I agree with you completely.


5:48 :)

Study IQ education

Innovative genius like Karpov won't be seen again.

Jason Hunter

Bro you guys are killing it! Seriously! It’s funny how as guys were all the same when it comes humor no matter the age, race or background.

Matthew Denty

Soon as I seen your miter jig I knew you were good... the table saw guide? Awesome

Jas L

Joel wow another interesting video

Hugh J. K

Chi Sicilian i anh i


would be nice if there's Jojo references in the manga

Old Garden

Magnus is sad.


that epileptic beginning and end :(

Zatty CageE


Irene Alvaro

I dont play chess but i was assigned to coach for girls chess and its like going on a war w/o any I got interested and thought that chess is a game that excercise your mind.


Are all transcendental numbers summations?

Hidden Spirit

This Dude is more youthful at heart than a lot of the Youth


Here I am at 3am again


What's the deal with "Sorry about that" and touching something below the desk?

Kathleen West

I think a little more time making a mold that more closely resembles the finished product would pay off. Still, it looks great! Learning experience, right?

Young Forever

chs ngu....

Gary Ortolano

This is such excellent advice.Just don't resign...ever.You never know.


Been refreshing for this a while now.


Lol I can make 10 games in 10 minutes (using unity FPS tutorial)

Marcel 88

Mega geil

Bubba Hottep

"Chessly fashion:"I like that.I'm going to use that.


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