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ReanThort Bruno ហ្សីនមកហើយ! 😆| ពូជ្រួញ PuJrounh Fane Page

Couldn’t watch this because of that dumb term.Agadmator for the thumbnail in the morphy's blinded game, coming for a title like all pride no sorrow.He was allways asked by the other two of the jury:Hey Vlastimil, what would you do in that situation?Is there any short pattern or formula to this?When you have equations that look like:x0 : x !Has Naka blundered c5 at 16:38 ?41:13, Monte Carlo, not Mante Carlo, blunder.

I like this game, I become Alireza fanAnd we have always a new game with agadmotors.I’ll have to check out the movies you recommended.(Which will not be free).The king and queen kiss, all the while she takes out a dagger to back-stab him.You have a guillotine Yep there’s gonna be a tax for that.Because they are all poisoned and would only cause long term damage to u.

Lol i tought its better than chess.Who noticed that EsolcNeveton is reversed "Not even close"?In the US, there are more kids under 18 who are not white than those who are white.SuggestionThx for video, Agadmator!The mechanical representation of rococo, sir.What's worse is that some of those non-voters could vote for Trump!I saw arduino projects.Is there any kind of finish oil varnish on the metal to stop it corroding?You could just bring the rook up for mate-in-one.

I think Anderssen was kinda old by the

I think Anderssen was kinda old by the

22 mins in your mates left you collapsed handcuffed then ran UPSTAIRS nah m8 get some new friends.You got some deficiencies there boy!"Ria thought "Furpent" would be an appropriate species name, seeing as how the creature resembled a snake that was covered neck to tail in black fur.This is a great movie and the song is fantastic and I want to give you like and Love.One time I sacrificed my queen for absolutely nothing, free piece for no positional advantage and what's most shocking is I ended up winning that game.Not everyone can afford the high prices CNC's demand, This is the answers to their problems.What do i do now?

Do anyone of you wonder

Do anyone of you wonder

How’s the piece holding up two years later?The Logging and Pawn Shop Channel.Roman Dzindzichashvili has a video called "slaying the dragon" which features a similar attack like in this game, but its reached over the sicilian dragon.That is a very beautiful piece of art.At 19:25 Rf7 with check, why the king can't capture the rook?I directed this episode so if anyone has any questions about how it was made or what I’m doing rn at my desk for work let me know or reply with hey if you want to say hi or whatever, bye thank you.Where did you get the mold for the starfish?I’ve trained alot from this video!

Why not go for e takes d5 and win instead of stalemate?Thanks for the info, I'm out of Memphis too and was looking to fill a knot void in atable top I'm making.I am saving interesting chess games or info into youtube "chess" folder.Why did you lacquer the inside where the ground coffee goes?Nu c a c th phn tch ht 12 vn ca h lun c khng.But what will you do when all the camphor laurel is used up?Cn li vi thanh nin nh c vua.Sad to see Danny go.The Chess Prodigy VS.

Tonyportilla Portilla

hagan una guitarra con materiales reciclados

prudhvi vanapalli

Hii... bro asalu time machine possible aa,,,

Lm Nguyn


Oanh Phanthihoai

Lc u hi sinh 3 con tt

Man Thing

So much overkill, a single R710 was all I needed for my MCSE. Nested hypervisors works well. Nice lab though i likesss

Ahmed Osman

Hi I come all the way from Sudan


That's a "Big block" of aluminum. "G" code for the win

Wick Dog

Adgamator, sorry I subscribed you with two of my channel.

JM Adventures

shout out to the dog

yusuf yusuf

india plays is very fast .....

Morel Williams

Great game! Maybe less digressions? Thanks though.


listening to the older guy explaining this is just pissing me off because, although i know english, i realize that this is something i will never understand. im not a chess player btw...

Bryan Kirk

Your sense of humour and the straight delivery always make me return, no matter what the topic!

Noah Bender

I love all the workers’ southern accents while they’re building a rocket.

Tim Sal

great video! also good point I often have to remind myself I don't need to be in a rush to finish a project.

Michael ce

I get the short videos, but thanks for this one. The detail works for me.And folding sawhorses are always a great addition to anyone's shop our workspace. Plus way cheaper than the plastic pair I've been using.

William Mezger

It is a bullet hell

Natural Prep

We talked about it b4

David Barkowitz

Webcam sacrifice.


Is tie?


thanks Jerry, my FIDE elo is 1650 and this is very useful to my level. I'll play a 1920 tomorrow (French championship), hope I can use some of these tactics -)

Tristan Staples

Wot are thos


My 6 year old says you look like Peter Dinklage.That's a compliment coming from her!

Davide Zannella

Awesome design ! A tip i've learned by watching a lot of epoxy tables videos is that once it is hardened, you can soft the excess with a heat gun and remove it with An old chisel , that will avoid lots of unnecessary sanding

Georgia Rios



The glasses is one potential factor.


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