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I think a move I ((a 2100-ish lichess player)) can find just looking for some seconds is not too brilliant, right?Well, I'd say it's more difficult to make sense of ski-jumping :DBig thanks to the uploader!Did anyone else recognize this as discworld's Thudd?Definitely will try it soon.

Fuck this western economy and bsnks ruining peoples lives.All i have to do is whatch a bunch or diresta videos and boom i,m motovated again.What about rotary engines?This is what it's like to play catch with my dad.I started with vb.Next scrapwood challenge : a wood mile chuck.Does it mean there will be another Championship Game?

So we understand that (ipi) then (pi) should not be algebraic.12:27 when the subtitles think u said ninehundred thousand.I do love me a nice curved piece of ash.My final number was 251 13, try to find out my original number and reply with your answerI challenge you!Eric s commentary is top notch.These videos are so helpful.(I will probably not see your reply so maybe you can make a comment on the idea in one of your videos.The biscuit in combination provides easier capability to make the two boards flush.

Our family farm was just 2 acres over from Roberts, in fact his bacon was real good.A big result, which will give him a huge chance to finish in the top spots.Dis nigga clips be on some wild shit.This is a sweet bread.4:45 Aman is a bad chess playerHikaru has no respect for players just below him.Way 1: SNNNNNhe is sitting on 1st chairway 2: SNNNNNhe is sitting on 1st chairway 3: SNNNNNhe is sitting on 1st chairway 4: SNNNNNhe is sitting on 1st chairway 5: SNNNNNhe is sitting on 1st chairway 6: SNNNNNhe is sitting on 1st chairconfused right, circle does no have a starting point,the thing is whenever that person chooses a chair and seats on it,that particular chair itself is the first chair thats why its always going to be "SNNNNN" which is the only one "unique" way that he can sit.Thanks for the interesting video!

I knew two brothers back in high school who played exactly like "TrickyMate" there.Bed has beat a poker champ and a chess champ now.Awesome video, thank you!This way of cue making goes against everything in cue making but you have done good though!Standard chess notation man.

Would have been cooler if everything worked.Why didn’t he go knight to c7?I'm addicted to your channel.Can't wait to see the wireless porn version.That would keep you completely free without being bothered with construction issues of furniture.Then Stockfish will reclaim the Checkered Throne.

Jack F

Thank you for doing analysis of this tournament like I suggested! I would love to see more. Your analysis is WAY more enjoyable than other peoples. I don't care if other people are commenting that you missed some lines or w/e the hell they are saying, your analysis is perfect and 10x more digestible than others for 99.9% of chess players.

Man ju Manl

The most beautiful thing is the optical illusion!!!

Arturo Garcia Lasca

Eric is a great commentator. When that troll was making silly moves in the 9th round, just making everybody wait unnecessarily, Eric made comparisons to other hypothetical situations and kept it respectful props to him for resisting the urge to insult that guy! Hah. Enjoyed his commentary very much.


Your art is so beautiful i want to make my games look like that but jesus i cant figure out how to make that style i love it so much


Singer Bull Moose Jackson had a nice song about it. "Big Ten Inch".

D.E.B. B

Until today, I had forgotten all about the dual needle tonearms that existed in record players of that era. You had to flip the needle over by using a lever on the tone arm, to play different types of records.

Romen Chongtham

23:00rook to e3 is an alternative!?


What an embarrassment

Rey Jackson

I just wanna stroke it

siva p

Sbitly link share pannuga

Mohamed Magdy

The little girl's prediction was very true. They are really GOATs. We still love you Fabi.

The Fire Tiger

You look like goofy, and I mean that in the nicest and most humorous way. Hope I don’t offend you, goofy is cool.

Vincenzo Flora

Experience vs Young champion

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