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Recap: Southwest Open

Relative to the other pieces the rook makes no sense.Anyhow, for my own attempt to recreate a tiled pattern of dragon curves you can check my test site: test.Mechanical design engineering all the way.Yea super simple when you see plansur main cost or scavenge will be motor.Looks so easy but i never has gained 30 points for a matchp.Of checkers and finite no.

That is badass sir.Seriously unbelievable work man!17:45 It is not a pawn, it is a fawn!Lovely game, I really enjoyed it.You have a new subscriber!The perfect joints look very nice with Baltic birch.Can’t for the life of me think why 68 people gave it a thumbs down.Now, for your 4th move, see if your white pawn is captured yet.

69th like, N I C

69th like, N I C

The tips are great but his verbal delivery is too cute by a half.This is really complex and tricky moves.The chess tables at the foot of the pier in Santa Monica, California are known of internationally.Turn in white with your touchThat’s what she said.You should slow down though.When Paul say it is poor man's, then it actually is.My best regards to you and.The bishop has Holy Grail?

And didn't want to not use any

And didn't want to not use any

The hungry queen variation.Com ratings to actual ratings of players.That is beautiful.So be careful when you play with a diamond guy from the US, that might be a Nakamura smashing all the chess com players :).We need them(Physicist) but we need people too on enforcing order and discipline on complicated human behaviors.I would love to get such a stunning set for myself :D if you can tell me which board it is  i would really appreciate it :)thx in advance youve got such a nice set."Becouse this mashine is the world's biggest mashine human has ever build!4:50 that’s my net worth right there.When i try to start off, one thought just let me down,that is Frameworks are just temporary they can cease to exist anytime.I just seen a spirit.

The best move

The best move

Nice clean build looks sharp.Engineers, artisans, sometimes doctors).What is average centi pawn loss average?Omg this guys are so weird only aronian nakamura and the blonde girl are normal.Exquisita interpretacin.The world needs these types of videos.Would like to see what they say.Dude, that was scary.No stolen savages and moskov ults, please.

You pay as much attention to the editing as to the project itself and I appreciate that.Wengen Switzerland.ToInt32(Console.Crap material selection, rough crude cuts, exposed rough ply cut edges, brought uneven install of led rope, general slap dash workmanship.Time after time, he does not bother to defend his pieces.Check us out and subscribe now!For a better idea of what I mean, look at the breech screw on an old Ferguson rifle.Was that Savage at 12 min in?"d3 is coming, my queen is out of play.

Cody Harris

You need to better at getting shadows

Joshua Ford

Best Auschwitz everrrr

James Dang

What chess set is this? I would like to get a similar one. Also the way the game ended reminded me of yesterday's live stream last game where john blundered himself into checkmate. )

The Boss

4:23 the bishop can take the queen

Jan Egnew

you should have detailed around the eyes---would have looked good

DD DraconicAether

New subscriber here pa notice namab nanonood lang ako dati pero hindi nag sub ngayun nag sub na ako

Ian van Zyl

Is daar iets fout met jou? Jou pramme hang uit!

Liza Achia

14 people have seen a cilcle of the earth. Goggle earth exists


khng khip tht

Auf dem Laufenden

Agadmator got famous sooo quickly

Mac Smith

As always,I love builds and your commentary. Thanks again


Chess age has no bounds, I am frickin' immortal! (For your information: I was born during the last Ice Age.)

anna ndungu

Debtoffflipwordpresscom sent me money online

Jon Doe

Ok ok, Youtube, I get it. You won't remove this video from recommended until I watch it. You win... this time.

Jyothi Teluginti Ammai

Ur very talented yar


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