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Red Velvet Chess Board Cake In Fry Pan | With Eggs / Eggless & Without Oven | Yummy Cake Recipe

(Imaginary, in real life I am not bothered to look for examples).I don't need to see the ending of the video-clip.5:49 had to rewind that about 15 times.Thank you so much!I've never seen a like to dislike ratio that higher ever, great job Jerry you deserve this ratio :).I think I’ll stick to ket.

Sir for white its not f7 but f2.Mycapcakeaddication ae theke ay recipe ta copy korsen.Wen i first watch his videos i just think: c'mom stop the internal jokes and cross 'obscure' references!Let's hear it for the bong cloud.I still use my DeWalt much of the time again due to the type of woodworking that I do.If an MMO is distinct from narrative driven games.Yes that is a noise that I heard and you heard to.

I have a new style furby.Omg i forgot 0:10.It's genial, I love it.That's messed up.Bishops are actually more valuable than knights the value of the bishop is 3.Amazing ideaof how to make a draw, but how white survive if black king do not take the bishop ?Commentator Tarrick ( trick ).The sheets will absolutely not be going anywhere.How long would the project take with a CNC ?I'm listening while working in my home, this set is so relaxing and calming down that is perfect for concentration!

Might try and

Might try and

If the white Castle to (C7).00 i think Nd5 was very very interesting, threating b4, freeing the e1-a5 diagonal for his bishop to kick the queen and, most important thing, threat Ne7 or Nf6.Dubov:1:56 loading.You built a large spring, of course it's bouncy!Video: Man killed people, fed them to pigs, other people ate the pigs.OMG, what a FUN GUY to use the word Chatoyancy in a normal mans conversation!

Sir you helped me improve a lot.

Sir you helped me improve a lot.

This guy who filmed that is an idiot.Who is that NiTe90.You make beautiful doors.You play very well.You can watch it on my channel (easy to find, just got one video so far :) )I'm curious what you think, so feel free to leave a comment ).EveryBODYlikes classical music when it creates emotion within them through film.

I'm no expert, just wanting to pass along what i've researched.Do you guys think that if Joe Rogan was commentating on a match in which Connor McGregor was dominating his opponent that he'd start asking the other commentator if he has any PG jokes?The second is the king moving back to one of the squares on rank 8, pushing it back further.We all know that the best product is FLEX TAPE.Better to spend the money on prepping.Challenge, you should make a techdeck skate board.

Why canbe assigned two?

Why canbe assigned two?

He is sinning against chess by not taking that pawn sure, that easy to say only if you are not playing against god.I didn't see anything at 16:40, but then I'm a lousy chess player, (I'm pretty sure of that, since I don't see any queen "sacrificed"), so I guess I don't know what I'm looking at.Anything you shoot taller than your stop will have tear out.Are you gonna show the first decisive game of Woman's Championship?What if we move to a higher dimensions?5:55 You're (going to be) up a knight and bishop for two pawns and he offers a draw?Are they really cracks?Eboni killed that last segment!Is that really a threat to draw or even win?Im not yet 40 but willing to learn python.

The Triumph of the Thrill

:-) Fun vid. And you gotta love the tattoo (lol).

Anita Kalgapurkar

Simply beautiful.

Rosa Sepulveda


Tim Hallas

I built a car once, with nothing but a hammer and chisel.


GM Svidler, you are a class act.

Otto Von

Tokarsky is math proff in my University.

Me Me


Glenn Caronan

The queen move...big NO


now imagine radio magnus


this guys brilliant

Ed Kohlwey

Ugh sharpie on the end grain - you'll be chasing that down the side of the board with sandpaper and never catch up with it. Might be good to add a disclaimer if you're doing that for visibility or whatever.


Normal People: The Most saddest song ever is "Say Something".PotterHead:Well I guess you never watched Harry Potter.


i'm watching this while im in the dark playground

AdarshKumar Shukla Jee

Thank fully like

Russell Reads The News

MARCH 2018!!!!!! YES

butt up

I like the way he say ''THE DOCTOR'' xD

Lego Man 12345 12345

Nice and rounded over on the back.. any solutions for this?

George 89

I am rubbish at chess and getting worse every day.


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