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REFRESHER ★★★ TERRORBLADE Dota Auto Chess EPIC ★★★ Troll Warlord! Over 50 ROUNDS!

I really lk this art.What it's use in practical problem?We love you best chess player.I congratulate you for this superb video.Do you sell your creations I would love to own a bowl like this.Is that stupid music going to be playing through the whole video?Even most Phillips screws that I see have a double Robertson compatible head.Kung international ksi automatic talo na sya pero grabe ung calculation nya sa endgame sacrificing his bishop for 2 pawns nacalculate nya ung endgame within 2 secs hats off for you.

I enjoy your alternative moves, but sometimes I have a hard time understanding why some moves are bad.Nakamura didnt get the Teresa May joke :P.1cup kitne ml ka hai?Historic moment of Magnus, and of course, great job of Agadmator!I like your videos, and this is a quite good looking cutting board.A bit overenthusiastic, but they got their charms.

If I did remember correctly, it wasn't even a 100,000 but now?Was there any concern with not sanding between epoxy layers (casting resin to UV).This should be in school!A much easier solution based on simalar triangles, using only the 3 given squares (no other construction needed), that a 5th grade student should be able to find :1) Angle CJ Beta (alternate interiors).5:19 Magnus didnt see the fork.Hay giup em dung em nhi truong.I love slenderman.Is there any real life situation, perhaps something of the like of fundamental particlesforces interactions, 3 or more planet solar systems or some other intractable problem that these techniques can be employed to model or is this currently purely of interest only to mathematicians ?

Be in this world as though you were a stranger or a wayfarer.Is it only me that would appreciate a "Chess Half Hour with Lev" every day where he analyses interesting games?More snyde comment?The way you explain everything you do, and use simple real life example's makes it so easy to follow along.That circular board looks like a pizza.How to have the honour of losing to him?Here's a good idea?Can'tpronounce aluminum, thick, or many correctly?

I mean it’s our company.

I mean it’s our company.

I speak for all stalkers, it's your fault for walking, undressing, going to the shops, visiting family at the same time and place as me plushow do we know you're not stalking us?I want it everytime to be different.I noticed that Zac frequentlymoved the f pawn early.Attack and animation be or to be?25 speed and it’s slow as heck.

Seemingly out of nowhere, he came back to Australia after about 6 months off and shocked the world with a brilliant performance against Rafa in that Epic 5 set final coming back from 1-3 down in that 5th set to win the title.What I’m I even doing here, I only know python.Imagine if you pulled your 5" pen out of your pocket, pulled it out of a sleeve, stretched it to 8.OMG I immediately saw Rxd6.Ok jinx I see you sampling ray charles style.I would have added a black cable and a different switch.Should've stopped asking the class what they would do after 10 minutes.I always try to employ that philosophy in my own Chess games but obviously not anywhere near your level of understanding.

Ed Uber

Shad, you talk about the ease of boiling water. In the middle ages, they understood the importance of hot water for cleaning certain things, but do you have any source material to support the idea that they knew boiling water could prevent disease? This is not an intuitively obvious concept, and I believe postdates the discovery of germs.

David Charis Tomias

They are both noobs. lol

Mohammed Favas

Thandakk vilikkunnilla

Thanh Le

"en i ,trng i" M ngi gn nghe hi ti my xem ci qui g vy


London's great. I'd recommend it to everyone

Aayush siroya

Brilliant.....whoever is making these videos.......subscribed and bell icon pressed.........impressed

fb pliegorrivero


Paulius Domarkas

It's so relaxing watching you play and knowing that we are on the winning side :D thanks for the video!


The whole project is a thing of beauty. Love those wheels!

Danuta Salwa


Enoch Arts

7:54 me when I get into a fight with a girl

Sulabh Varshney

I want to see a king fuck a queen

Karut Molek


Julia Jermolajeva

He used Peter to wipe the floor :-)

The Nameless

Lol I’m actually watching this video instead of doing homework

Giorgio Moneta

u r a genius man!

Teddy Monacelli

Fantastic video guys. Made me feel better about how often I need to deviate from a plan and adjust to the circumstance.



Interesting Stuff

King left the chat and the board.

krishne gowda

Calculation skill or calcukations kill

Uday Jadhav


William Elliott

Nice decoration, rather useless as a chess set though.

Jacob Goldman

glad you like the London

Jack Tu

That kid in the background need to let him focus lol


Fantastic work! Shame to see a flathead put in there tho.. guess it makes changing the handle easy

Hiimaanshuuu Kandwal

Important Question... buddy how this flappu bird's size is 25 Mb but the really flappy birds size were less than 5 Mb..telll how?? pls

Man Drake

That detective was great. He was loving putting on the thumb screws and can you blame him?


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