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I learned it, I luh-.The best wonder weapon story, if true, is one Albert Speer tells in Inside the Third Reich.Like a 333, where every cell topples in 6 directions.

Hey, small suggestion -

Hey, small suggestion -

Dan has a hickey.Lolglad he went into chess and not serial killing.Please do 8-track tapes and how they worked!You should check out Engelscoachshop, he does a lot of steam bending.Why is the R in "Nerdforge" gone, then it reappears.I love your videos so much Jordano323.Thumbs up if you agree.If he was an engine user, he wouldn't be playing as fast as he is.So basically 4D shapes are fractals broooooooo.

I googled it and now my standard wages are One hundred dollars.Honestly, I thought those things died in the late 70s.The Knight Rider theme music!Very good, thank u.Subscribe to my channel please.Toi thich trang thang hon den tran thoi.I get the feeling that ned is a chess prodigy and if he dedicated himself to it, he would be a grand master.Also, that was like a perfect fourth and not a major second as it was in the audio :)8:32 pretty sure keys go down, not up, to make a sound.For some reason I always hope for Carlsen losing.Muito bom fantstico.

10:16 that’s not humping Zach

10:16 that’s not humping Zach

And you force black to thread a thin needle in attempting to refute it, which a lazy student will not do.If we can find tan(bc), we can find bc for sure.All and all your just another brick in the wall.I am going to start 3D Printers business in Pakistan.Wow, this was a really amazing demonstration how the effectiveness of the knight.The most amazing chess trick I have ever seen.Metroid 2 be like.You are really talented and super creative.He saved face with the 3rd.The one and only in this world!

Andrew 42



4:16 Norwegian viking sailing with his loot (1078, colorized).

Don Wentzel

Igsaan is just another poes

Senka Kovacevic

Pley uidi bord in front of dat bilding

Astig Prof

This is so real unlike the others

Cheshmish Khan

Sir how i will learn programming

Mark Cahill

A picture of Robert Baratheon in a LOTR video

Silas Huckins

Does anyone know why the natural packing density of grain or other sphere-like objects is around 64%? Anywhere I can find more information on this?

Why You Can't

It's not about "how you look at it." Your life is a lot better without chess. Before you become unnecessarily upset, let me tell you this: This article is to give motivation for those who want to quit chess. With too many web pages in support of playing chess, it is time to be real. It's not even worth having it as hobby (more likely than not).You WILL become addicted. And when you do, it will be so bad that you might as well call your life miserable. You can say all you want, but chess absolutely has no other point than to fill the pointless egos of its slaves. When the anger over a loss puts its heavy weight on the clear table of your thoughts, it does so for no good reason -- you get angry over nothing.Is chess even a good waste of time? No. All you do is either tear down a person's self-esteem or you become a toxic person. Chess tears down self-esteem by the needless self-perturbation of the loser creates toxic people by the inflating of egos. Before you think me angry, let me explain to you that I am angry for good reason. You will say:"moderation is key,""just because you're a sore lose doesn't mean you have to belittle the game,""anything can be a waste of time if you do it too much,""chess has provided me a joy in life that nothing else has,""competition is good,""to each their own,""you can't describe the meaning of life," or"it's just a game not to be taken seriously."Any and all excuses are just modified versions of the ones listed above. But as it was mentioned right from the very title: THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR CHESS. Its sole purpose is to utterly destroy your opponent. You will say, "that's the objective of any competitive game." At least in sports you get to have physical exercise. You can have a team. And what about fighting and single-player sports? Using fighting sports as an exaggerated contrast, they only cripple their players (which the players themselves will come to hate being crippled in old age) and will make them realize that it was a waste of time to destroy rather than to create. They have wounded rather than healed. They did not help anyone at all while they inflated their own ego. And for what vain reason? Again, at least exercise is a possibility. In chess, however, you get the worst form of being crippled... and that can be no exaggeration. You get no exercise and your mind becomes a numb, distracted blob. Chess eats at your thoughts and burrows its way through your brain just as termites eat away at a healthy and limber tree.It is not a game for the rich.And when I write "rich," I mean "rich" both financial-wise and character-wise. The old saying is, time is money. Even still, all that the majority of chess players do is waste time. They waste it on a useless, ungracious game that they will eventually regret playing so much. It is sad that most chess defendants don’t even care for the poor examples of the likes of Paul Morphy, Emmanuel Lasker, Wilhelm Steinitz, and whoever else died a penniless/insane death. All they care about them is their chess and (sad) death. But you say, enjoy life and do what you want. Chess will not even allow you that. You are trapped in the burden of feeding your own ego, whether you consciously admit it or not.You still keep playing it anyway.Because addiction has set in, it is difficult to fill in the hole that was left behind by this predatory, rapacious game. But there are few things that trance attention the way chess does. Painting, playing or creating music, and creative writing are among the few. These things trance the attention so long as they are done freely by their artists. And among these, there are two common things: artistry creation. Once you get yourself to do something creative, you’ll feel the trance. Why, then, is it not easy to do these things? Because chess nowadays is crated within the instant-gratification times of technology. It’s so easy to simply click on a site and start playing right away. Print this out and tape it somewhere near your computer. When you read it, you will lose more interest in chess and your life will start to become better... even if only by a little.

Dan Tihon

Brilliant !, God bless !

VITA kyo

At 14:30 white plays quenn d3 , why dont black play their pawn e5-e4 ?

Alex Nuschke

How can I find his other game he spoke about where black accepts the gambit on e4?

Annie Lin

Why a4?

Lindsey Parsons

Holey shit.


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