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Relojes de Ajedrez preferidos Saitek Competition - DGT 2010. Clock Chess

So alhtough we may be bold and land a kill strike, our options are closed if we do not operate from a poisiton where we will have options later.The best wonder weapon story, if true, is one Albert Speer tells in Inside the Third Reich.After Rxd7, again, if Rxh6, then Rd8, or, after Rxd7, if Rxf6, then Qxf6 Kg8 and Rd8, or after Rxd7, if Rg8, even this fails to a simple deflective Rd8.IMAGINE IF HE BECOMES THE NEXT BOBBY FISCHER AND YOU GET TO BE CALLED "GREY SWEATER" IN THIS VIDEO :-).Many catchy phrases and great selection of moments.Meh, observe the absurd while you're still alive and it's all lights out.

At least it saves the game for the time being.Because I don't have more than 40 mins extra time to watch chess and even if I have well I will be able to watch 3 videos in your channel instead of watching Anna talking for more than 45 mins )) :)).At 4:16 you could play " Ddddddddbisdhdop to b5 then queen to E2 then queen to D2 it woul be a chess i guess".How could you Castle while u moved the king before.I love Harry Potter !I wish to do something similar.4:19What about Be4.The small things you mention that are so nice, are obvious things that would be provided with any set.

Amazing well done bro.Could you explain if the densiest structures, which have density 74.In my opinion, the problem was, the playing style of all of them were safe, solid and risk free except Adhiban.I honestly feel that this video has done more to make me feel sane than any other teaching I've ever received.Nowhere’s safe now.Okay, this is turning into an epic detective story.At 10:44, why not play rook captures knight on d5 so the bishop is defended ?What a psycho this one was, and one of the few ya really can say Society Created.

Lalake ako idol koya n sa special tatay adol koyan at si boyet dud.If anyone could possibly give a answer all the non believers will appreciate it.This was an amazing video.That would be car thief was a bit bloody cheeky.Whenever I play against it, I feel a bit tied cause I cant find a good move.

This isn’t really Rock Anthems’, it’s more like overly popular rock songs.India is producing Grandmasters at an alarming rate!Opponent movesMagnus fixes camera for 30 secondsProudly opponent: My moves are making him deep thinking.I have also utilized a fence that is little more than a peg for certain cuts, again only highly skilled woodworkers should ever attempt these.When you consider the clock like precision of it all, the phases of the moon, how seasons on earth allegedly work, etc.Beach, all the way.I wish more chess videos were straight forward like this.Brilliant new format of introducing chess to a more wide audience.

"What will it take to save what remains?BUT ITS FREAKING THERE.Your commentary seems spot on then, and it really helps to get an understanding of the position better.I have always liked this Channel !Keeping you safe, or try to at least.Fun is that recently in a banter blitz game Magnus said Van Foreest should stop studying the italian and study the scandinavian, so maybe he was hoping Van Foreest followed his advice when went for e5.


The St Louis chess club is a glorified burger bar masquerading as a educational institution.

Scott Mciver

very impressive and inspiring

Unk TV

majorprep what if i only want to learn is about fixing cars andabout cars


Chucky-AlphaZero-Magnus Carlsen----everybody else (on a good day)

Chris Tan

when i doubt, install the FAWN (thorn) pawn heh

Sana Subhani

Omg I love Keith's accent here


"you sell what you can do, i sell what the world can do" that sounds like a money maker , i like that


what kind of wood are those at the second table, 0:49????

Dark Passenger

Absolutely no reason why this couldn't be done as a full size engine. That's how top fuel engines are made.

F'er MaGee

Jaysus, what a crusty looking fucken burger he is! Uuuggghhhh, filthy minger, what did that poor young woman see in him.....later Mike!


Watched much of the stream. Very good. Even though I didn't win any of the money it was quite fun to watch


Actually I think Carlsen might at least a little bit frightened by this game. 1. Caruana showing he's not afraid to push and push in difficult and unclear positions, for however long it takes, only being defeated by the 50 move rule. 2. If Caruana loses to Carlsen, then Duda is just the sort of guy that Carlsen doesn't want to be meeting in 4 years time - again, Duda looks like he's willing to out-Carlsen Carlsen if the need arises. For several years it seemed like nobody could really stand up to Carlsen just wearing them down - now maybe at least a couple will take on the challenge. I am a huge Carlsen fan by the way, I think we are really lucky to have him and I'll be sorry whenhis reign finally ends - but competition is good.

Jager Gaming

Where is the re-match video?

Not Connected

talo na sana ang black. anyway d nman yan professional game. at mga bata pa naman. good game.


I'm not a woodworker but I keep watching these because they are so relaxing

montetank tankkiller

well-we see....g3 was very bad.

Klussen met Henk

Now That is Awesome!!

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