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Rez Hitch Hikers Be Like...

Love ur videos man.Privilegiados sus alumnos.Moe thanks gee I was hoping you would do this bc I never saw his birth into your life and now I can get the full story I hate missing the beginning of movies too I then won't watch till I can watch from the begining.I now win ever game.This dude knows what he's talking about!If possible please send figures and details on the following e- mail: valdineibatista2008hotmail.Damn this must be SO satisfying when you can stand back n look at the beautiful job you've done!

I would think

I would think

In less than a quarter of a day, already 14k views goddamn.Basically, I'm just asking for some tips in balancing the two, because I'm really deciding to just stick to learning code but I need money lol.All that material and energy expenditure in manufacturing.Did you say run windows?I'm building now a Chess-Set, too!She said I took a smoke break (jc vs red).

Where is that home depot?Really an emotional boost for me!I conclude that this stuff never was scrap wood.Anybody knows the chess set name?Sharpen that poor chisel!My sister said i should read the books2.

Thumbs way up John thank you!This guy is not human!Can king kill other king?Might be a good t shirt!Watching this video was really fun.Y'all are really annoying talking about date and stuff between Eric and Alexandra.The video got ruined now.Just wanted to throw out there, douglas fir is a fir, not a pine.I watched some videos regarding the CAGED system, but THIS is the best so far.I have found the secret of enigma machine, but I run out of hard drive space to make the video.


How did you know it was him before he played anything?

Krumsz z

This opening is bad. After bishop takes c3 in the gets mated in 56 according to stockfish 10

Kevin Wells

I was once involved in Chess, I wasn't that great, I think I reached about 1800 according to FIDE, but that's because there was not enough data then.I loved the game though, and I'm saddened because it is not so widely followed today.Fischer and Spassky was a big deal, but not much going on anymore obviously.Does not FIDE and the magazines support this 'sport' so much anymore?And it is a sport, although a cerebral one. Anyway, thanks for your post and your time.I once organized the first city championship of Chess in Las Cruces New Mexico, and I believe it was Roger (last name?) that tied me for 1st place.In no way did I deserve it, he had me beat so badly but somehow he became distracted and lost a knight on exchange.It wasn't that deep.But neither was our chess club.What a great pastime though.I'd like to see it come back again.Good luck.


More likes !!!!This inside to precision manufacturing, how small parts can be made, how factory can look and feel how this machines operate and how complex they areJust explains a TON !!!!

Keean Ethridge

Does no one see the faded black rectangles moving up the screen

Efrain Perez

Where can I found Pasteurized egg whites?


this is urusov gambit you dont mention it


21:32 LMAO


Power of Hans Zimmer

Brian Carey

Came for the dog, stayed for the chess and got a king sized laugh from the comment by offramp! Thanks!

edward bedrosian

CNN? very suspicious...

Dog at Walmart

I learned absolutely nothing from this video

Dillon Kruze

Hi joel! i met you at maker faire but i was super nervous to talk to you because lowkey i was freaking out that i actually met you. That being said, thanks for being super cool!

Draco Isfet

I want an physical oblique projection of the hypercube o.o

Jacky Wong

He's a bit scared of the fishing pole because Qh6 after opening the h file looks dangerous as u still have both bishops pointing that way.

Shadowgames 026

Face reveal at 11:22

Sue Erml

Thank you so much for sharing that technique!Trying to use 2 smoothers to bring the edge together has never worked for me.Can't wait to try this!!!May I ask where you bought your turntables?I can't find any that are that large.Thanks again!You're amazing!!!

Peter Compton

Great Catch, now why can't I get lucky like that. You don't need a haircut, it's winter.. wait a month :D Beautiful table


i fell in love with alexandra


Too many fails.

Jesamie Samilin

I like this chess tutorials

Md Emrul Kayes Raceme

Pathetic to watch these two chatterbox openly supporting, licking Naka for a win. Take that and next time, try to be unbiased with commentating.


Comeone explain me why does he not take rook in the end, isnt it mate? King cant eat queen because od white King?

TheProtean Girl

This problem sounds likenthe mathematical version of someone giving one lie to justify another lie and another lie for another one XD


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