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Richard Nephew on The Open Mind: Geopolitical Chess or Checkers?

Agreed on every point he made about the world championship format, classical chess must remain classical.He will soon dethrone magnus and win the title.Red team is an idiot.I gotta say, I enjoyed the fact you knew how to heat treat carbon steel as a bonus part of this video.At 13:34, why not b3?

Love you mamoni.Probably need a second part.Keep it real SMH.I’m betting no one in the comments actually bothered to finish the video.Wow the commentary.Coco powder jaruri h cake mein dalna?Nobody wanna hear about no pussy ass flip unless he talking about tip.English letters?

If so, do you have

If so, do you have

Like your parents being rough with you as a kid is traumatic apparently but getting kicked in the stomach repeatedly and losing your child because of a rich pos who will never go to prison isn't.And it would be very stupid from white to go for the Fried Liver attack if both of black knights are not out.For S and giggles turn on CC and see how technical werds arrrgh inter pretteded.I’d like to see more like these.What about polygons other than triangles?

Did you mark those with the tool by dragging it along the work with the carriage ?Some blow the flute others must.Finally found a good video on this.I saw you have a tape grinder.What an amazing and intricate piece of woodworking.It could be tilted forward or backwards.Netizen 62 memang kurang kerjaan bang.A podczas gry w szachy jeszcze gorsze, szczeglnie przy starszych.

Srinivasa M S

Ramanujan carried the legacy of Indian Mathematicians of 2000 years.

Dick Blather

I'm gonna have to save this one for retirement.

Speedragon 77

[Edit] : Forget that, I found my errorI tried your code and I got a problem with the snake's collision (with itself) My code doesn't work xd

Tom T

Mer av detta!

Sammanita Pattnaik

White queen will go straight to the bottom and give a checkmate

Kathleen West

I think a little more time making a mold that more closely resembles the finished product would pay off. Still, it looks great! Learning experience, right?

Bao Long Nguyen

My ci by trong caro-kann em bit cch chng ri anh


Taking the pawn would conceed some control of the centre and most likely be recaptured later with advantage.

Ravikiran Kokate

Answer of question 5 (1) is wrong..It should be 152...

kerajinan unik

very interesting project....

Amane Yugi

I love milk I don't care what it is




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