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Rising Dust Ft Asi Shiran - Sounds Of The Future (Daft Punk Mashup)

I like flashing images.In your drawings, the maple strips (grid) are 2mm, but in production, you make them 4mm.I wish I had all of his tools to work with, be nice when you can’t get quite the right size of metal you need to just run over to the metal lathe and make it whatever size you want!

Ese alfil me parece un poco extrao, buen video, mis piezas favoritas: alfil y torre.Would you like to be a YouTube friend?Big difference between ego and physical pain.Please more of this (especially this pairing)!At 1:49, we see.End of the video she moves her piece but the clock was already pressed lmao.

I wish the camera was zoomed into the art more.Many games are wonlost with one stupid move, in this game that was it.I remember the yellow children's records.I wish they showed the entire game.These look so good.Milton Bradley also brought us the awesomeness that was Dark TowerAlso, there's nothing quite like Vincent Price hosting a movie trivia game show.That was a beatdown.Better move was f6, because even though it opens up a check by Bc4, Hikaru would atleast block the center pawn advances.Fried liver meets traxler counter white lose a lot.

Where did you livestream this video?Casually ballet dance to this.But a real katana made with so much hardwork with folding metal layer after another layer and adding carbon in to make it stronger.Am watching this on a 2013 Macbook Air.Never heard him talk before lol.Really inspiring!This guy taught me to be giving (Linux being open source) and to adapt (He being a non people-person able to work in essentially an organization).

I hope this

I hope this

Hahahahaha they are weird!It’s gotta be an iPhone thing.That's quite understandable.Husband didn't want to sleep on the couch.Golan's reaction when Dada took his queen.And will it make a difference if I melt the butter before I add it to the dry ingredients?When Magnus says I'm low on time, it's game over.I am prodigy but I suck in chess lol 1500 only.

Sounds so familiar but I

Sounds so familiar but I

Put your foil hats on, They Are Listening.How would it work?S the knight would run away and he coupd check the king with his knight and eat the rook.Euler did everything.Thank you very much and I look forward to your response.What a fine young man!

Serhii Kozak

Hi Jerry. Just FYI it's wrong to call Vassily Ivanchuk. Vassily is a Russian version of Vasil and as you know Vasil is a Ukrainian grand master from Lviv, Ukraine, hence the name. Thank you

Gary Ortolano

This is such excellent advice.Just don't resign...ever.You never know.

Rich Peacock

Good to see comic book guy got a new gig after the Simpsons


Hi Mato - I want to tell you that I don't say thank you by clicking "Like" on your videos.Instead, I always sit and watch the whole advertisement first, hoping you will get some money for your efforts.I'm not a chess player (yet), but your videos have made me want to start playing!

kiev moores

Chess noob here. How would Carlsen get mated at 3:33? I don’t see it lol

david hamilton

really love your design!


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