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Royal dogs playing chess

I was left in awwww inspired I thank you for helping come to this point and cant wait till I have it mastered.Did nakamura cry just before resigning?Nevertheless, brilliant job!As consumer level 3d printing is evolving consumer level scanning still sucks.It must be burned, I think would be good to burn ).Kabatch ko yan si princepe at barbie forteza Ung teacher ko nagtuturo qc city jail.2) Take 2 Goats return with the Wolf.

This laptoip as of 3320 it is $300.Big fucking panic now and in like three months no one will care.You shouldn't have the work piece wavering around like that.Very good work,congratulations from Australia.This young man's mind is amazing.You are confusing the term flat head.Appreciate the humor.Your design skills are unparallelled.Comecast gambit?Mac users if you get throw errError: Cannot find moduleType node (then spacebar) then drag your index.

Sounds like Eric Hansen commentating.

Sounds like Eric Hansen commentating.

First Ivanchuk dominates Praggnanadha and now Anand dominates Firouzja.Low key when the video started having an "error", I freaked out a little inside.At 15:15 Bf4 check looks stronger than what was played.Also since you are pushing with you saw it feels more natural to have a hand pulling back on work."green" : "white"ctx.:DI'm wondering how long-lived that board will be, since it's so many different kinds of wood pieces in different angels to each other - will they start to crack apart when the wood "lives" e.Just have to adopt it at the right stage, after the early adopters figure out all the problems.Here's your english comment.Kuya, lightning trunCHON po hindi trankiyon :).Too many blunders by Kamsky.

Is it me or did he

Is it me or did he

You are the best in thewhole world.He trah talked ginger gm for 3 hours.R u a million airrrrr!While Indian army was already 10times more than Alexander.Goggle earth exists.Shout to my man john, just saw him on ru paul's drag race season 4 episode 8.

I can speed up the video all

I can speed up the video all

How to record if a pawn capture a pawn?Ben you are a genius!Glad to have helped your game.Love Zvezdelina Stankov's teaching style.What should be the length of the cross braces?Moes in ny right thats dope, if he was in my area id love to go exploring with tbe best youtuber ever.

I Kno how to use a Nokia keapad phone.It works Only with strong players im at 2100 on lichess by the way.Te veel liefde uit Namibia.But you really pretty boy.I love how your mind works!I think he would.


Why white didnt forked the rook and king in 5:48

uri tomer

What about at 11:56 rxe8 kxe8 qg5 kf8 qg7? Isn’t that also mate in 3?


I love the last part, "And it's glossy!" Lol Yes! Love the gloss! <3

George Van Valkenburg

A joy to watch!


21:00 Does someone pls now the song? If there now anyone will still look into the comments

Draven Nelson

You look like a special snowflake

Wolf Mobile

Fun fact: VHS also has that tape locking mechanism.


Easily the best DIY video I've ever seen!

am M Sn Bn

1 im v ch!


This channel fills the gap for me between Paul Sellers and Matthias Wandel. As highly skilled, creative and instructional as both of them. Less gimmicky, and less purist then each of them. I love you, Pask Makes!

Preeyen Mistry

Did I just spot a Seiko SARB035?!

Mr Mango

Can Mario loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong jump like a jelly bean

Daniel Richardson

Satan Carl is best Carl.

Duyn Nguyn

Game g vy

Matt Weber

in any other industry, Proto-Pasta would be all over Josef for the image on the spool core. We all know you dont eat the pasta!!

suprema depollo


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