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Sal Khan and Francis Ford Coppola fireside chat

Awesome looking cue!Its a saddle curve!I just started binge-watching this guy and I've heard Rob say "much much worse"over 50 times and it gets better every time like if you agree.Thank you sooooo much mam.Ok, What about object of different sizes?GM’s analysis are very different than IM’s or FM’s.Luis gets very close to proving that the restricted set of sandpiles forms a group under its special addition rules.

We all know an excavator is the only way.Thank you for these videos!He was a good guy, just got addicted to the wrong things and was involved in some dark stuff.Nerve is knocking.At 15:54 i am lost as to why sevian did not take the g5 square with his king.

I dnt knw y

I dnt knw y

So I am attempting my first wood-working project, a blanket ladder, and I have run into an issue.Who plays chess in a bar though.Thanks for making them, it's really educational.I think Continental Europe used the larger hole on one hand because they were easier to handle and secondly because on the Continent, we were more leaning towards the US since they were more seen as the liberators of a decade earlier and had provided the West with Marshall help.Sean Connery and Roger Moore have both done 6 films while Craig is coming up to his 5th film.

I won't hint at who I'm directing that toward.15:24ProtonJon: Move faster Pok.That’s weird so they released her back into the public she gets a job at Kmart but is fired because she was found to be insane.Sir your videos are soooo good.Check out our latest videos.But Firouzja didn't play well.Good video man, but look at 12:00, what would happen if I play horse ne3?Unglaublich diese HandfertigkeitBravo.

Wow you're really best in this concrete

Wow you're really best in this concrete

Js file change the updateScore function to:function updateScore() document.His English is better than mine.You gave away the answer in the first 10 seconds of the video!Is the sound better?I've extended my soul,to the theory of everything.You are born-again with the Spirit of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), and are not only legally justified before God, but also are accredited His righteous (Romans 4:24).An air brush, not an air brass.Because u r talking faster than Ferrari.I am not going to watch this anymore.I also like how they switched from care to love when asking the question.

What am I missing?I know this video is really old but if white really wants to win, could he have avoided the checkmate by h3, Bc7, g3, Bxg3, Qxg3?Totoo po andyn parin po ba kayo sir emman?How old is the little gypsy?These on a Zimmerman.This is why we say dxe5 and not de or any of that dumb stuff.So, a "34 inch board" is not only not common, it is totally unavailable!Maybe still sick.

Feel free to tell

Feel free to tell

That "piston fit" at 15:40 is the signature of the care and perfection of your craftsmanship.Thanks Jerry, and I think that most of us agree with you: this is exciting stuff!Want to fire this on multiple elements with the same class?Any amount you decide to donate will be very much appreciated and will make a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors whose lives have been upended.Ned I never forgot about you it's just hard when you're such a blinding good dad and husband.1:46 that's for killing my bro.

Roman Gagliardi

3:15 why not catsileing?

Fred McIntyre

Great job Cris, the closet is awesome!

Kimberly Sulit

"Everything's a toy when you played with it"-Zach


aaa...what a blinder for Dubov

Declan Abberton

can you make more axes. they are awesome

Erik Prytz

I was in Prague a few weeks ago, and got a factory tour! It was amazing

Gabriel Martinez

Wow, that is truly beautiful


Twitch live comments are here:


Where can i get his hoodie?

Mac Dietz

That thumbnail makes me cringe so hard...

Bear Wolf

me ears ta blood clart

larry verona

What a fighter boy,, he's only 14 years old,,


ce hautbois est amour,il chante et pleure, admiration

sun tzu

good game

Maxjamm Games

im going to subscribe just because you said you live in DC now!

Casey Manion

I think he went too far to C(5) / S(6) - because we start at C(0) we should only go to C(4)256 C(4) = 2101 3125 S(5) and S(5) needs be divisible by 5 because the monkey doesn't get one in the morning. Using the C(5) equation S(6) isn't a whole number.

AgnusDei 2018

GC e 0ara cs go sinuca e meuc


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