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Very cute, it's obvious they loveeach other.What if you had a page that scrolled left and right rather than up and down and wanted to activate an animation in a similar way?However, it does not take away the excellentness of your work.Carmilla main here!

Good layout and sharp tools mean everything-same as wood.Coding with such a speed while playing the piano!Chess puzzle:My answer is white pond checks queen in 4g and black queen will moveeat pond h3 check and white moves king to g1 as black defends it's bishop by moving queen to D3and white moves queen to 8f(check) and the only legal move for black is to block the queen with the bishop to 8g and white moves bishop to 5e and mate.

In hand hahahhhaaa,love your

In hand hahahhhaaa,love your

I straight up feel sick to my stomach watching The videos from this hospital.Anni kuda kindha vunna color tho match avuthunnayi.But whoever said no one can be both?I stuck at the node SHIT FUCK BITCH.Os cara ruim da poha.It showed an empty board, captioned "This interesting situation arose when he went to fetch the pieces".

What a espetacular attack!I live in the german city brunswick but you actually spell it Braunschweig.Excellent Teacher.How to design neural network and which software are you used.Petrosian was a defensive player, more of a positional player who grinded out games and wear opponents down, which earned him the nickname Iron Tigran.OMG WINTER IN THE BEGINNING AND END.What if the first move of black is the king instead of the pawn?

Carlson is a good player.

Carlson is a good player.

From the Netherlands: Hi.C'mon the Kevin clip is GOLD!Sub'd for the dope beats.And its amazing and full of AWESOMENESS !Guys if u are facing any problem then subscribe my channel.They always said that what wins out in the USA is the one the porn ind.The little one have such a beautiful smile, and she knows it.

Opponent: I I don’t see where I

Opponent: I I don’t see where I

So simple its easy.Wait - I always pet cats from the tail toward the head.Wow, this is impressive!Love your chess videos btw.Bh3Kf2 Kf5Ke3 Bxg2 might be more disastrous as it can sooner goes with KB vs KB3P endgame.Why doesn't the shortest one just ask for a big mirror to hold up so that everyone can see what color they have,I mean it isn't against the rules or anything.Next its GingerGM and Finegold vs Hammer and Carlsen.I'd hate to see the complicated solutions.The government can't fix that.

Paula Tristan

Also, the kid in the red shirt . Calm down and RELAX Lil dude, the chess pieces aren't going any where ! You're snatchin and grabbin like a thief lol ... Reeelaaax it's just chess, you're not out to win a million bucks, and the next time you guys film may i make a suggestion ??When you have an adult playing chess against children " show the kids some "RESPECT" toward an elder because their mouths were just running it and that was uncalled for from a kid. The kid in red shirt looked so hyped up I thought he was gonna lose it !

Ivan Bauli

At 5:20, wouldnt it be better to play d5 to break down whites control of the center? Since he already has double pawns on the c file. And after that, depending on whar white does, play Nf6 and castle on the king side.

zanuar arifin

2020 0118...Gila....Nonton yang ke 3xnya

Satria Rahman

2020 masi nonton ni gw

Joshua Yingling

Chatoyance is French for "cats eye" right? At least that's what I learned from Captain Eddie castelin. Sapele mahagony has a lot of cats eye

Gurudev Kini

What is your name chess talk

Joyce Yagoda

Cop and businessman was probably dead in that car.Rigger probably set in that is why they sat there in the back of the car, at the service station and did not move!

James Kennedy

Beautiful table great use of the side edge looks incredible!

Richard Urbanec

I don't know if I see a magician. However he has my biggest respect amongst all modern chess players, especially the recent ones. After all, with era of computer chess the aggression has decreased badly. Players play more positionally, we have so many draws...

Matei Serban


Geoffrey Hyde

Guess I’ll go back to my porn flick.

Wrong Speling 39 years ago

Why not carlsen forward the pawn? Then check the king and queen using rook supported by pawn?

Jolien Brebels

I love it! You make so many great stuff Shaun!

Danell Baptiste

Not impressed!


This is basically the ultimate hustle


wow best and useful video i ve seen in a long time!


Wow, that Zaxe's machines in min 5:40 are fast compared to others cartesian printers. Also, they look very cool!


It's a draw!

Chess World


bob sidle

0:43 is that an emu in the background

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