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Sayuri - Sorewa Chiisana Hikarinoyouna

Sir, sunday meim agar lichess.Hay th nay ma tui kia ko them xem nhi.Show me some rook and pawn endgames!The old man should have won XD.How to submit video?He was probably like bitch don't call me on a podcast I was supposed to be doing!What a way to finish out the year!Suddenly I like Woody Harrelson more.

I'm curious unless it doesn't count as an

I'm curious unless it doesn't count as an

No matter what move black makes, white chases down that pawn structure and begins setting up passed pawns on the opposite side from black's king.Dude this is FANTASTIC.You should build 17,000 different boxes using many, many, many different methods so as to appease the masses.Also cause it’s probably the cheapest, laptop prices ridiculously.As it still kind of keeps up with its gtx 1060 and i7.

Meeks Fide rating about 1650.Dangerous people pt1.I played against this guy and I think I got a good position then lost to a tactic.Lmao, I got a shirt from Chris's opener and he was a dick, so this makes me feel extra validated in assuming he was juanfyre.Excellent teacher.That eventually cost us a medal.Magsoodloo is Also Azerbaijani from Iran.I watched them all, your content is very deserving of monetization.

Oh I forgot the soothing balm that is watching Jimmy Brett build.Our future anand is coming up.After a while ( a Year later or so ), they offered an ugrade Kit with a 7970 which had the Stock Cooler and an Apple Bios.How did Tal do that.Their cost analysis needs fine tuning, there's no way they used the whole $40 bottle of olive oil or the entire $32 wedge of parmesan, and that bunch of rainbow carrots did not cost just $0.Waiting on the next vid man!So there's actually incredible proofs about what happened when Jesus was on earth!What’s inside a ATMMONEY.

Bro nuuvu maths haters president aithe nenu vice president.What if the knight starts out on some other square?20:41 Mate in 1.This exact same behavior can be observed after poker players win a hand, it is common for them to take a drink regardless if they are thirsty or not.29:30 was so slick.It's sad that there's a few cast nembers that have have died.There is so much skills in it.I would have guessed a MORE rounded tooth would have been the answer.

L vijaykumar

Qf8Bg8, Qf6 Bxf6, Bxf6


please can you suggest a book for further study?

Panda Kpop

Aprend mucho con Tu Video Gracias

David Golladay

YouTube: you want to watch this Me: nah, I’m goodYouTube: you sure...Me: watches

Balsam Woods Farm

Wow!Great tips...I hope I can remember them when I need them!

Corelli Musici

It's pretty impossible to find words to qualify this music equally to its dimension. It's love transmuted into music

Menya Savut

15:00 --- I opened the integrated terminal on linux and instinctively typed "vi index.js"

Balakrishnan Kendhapadi Mothilal


Ant Ant

I want make luv her

Lamont Morgan

Anwar, I like you as a member of champion. But come onnnnn my guy, when K Shine who is my favorite batter of all time lost to Hitman, I was doing the same thing and saying Shine might’ve gotten the 1st and won it 2-1 if you don’t listen to the gas Hitman got for his return etc etc I was making excuses for why I felt Shine won the battle or did better than he actually did and I looked goofy for it. I see that in hindsight. You trying to argue twork got the 1st AT ALL let alone CLEARLY is just grossly annoying and makes the people really not want to hear your opinions which is sad because you’re a good analyst overall brotha. Just let it be that Geechi Gotti beat Nu Jerzey Twork 3-0, not a single round is debatable. Not a single round.

M. Carr

Well Done!

John Shilling



this rook takes focres what? why not black r h8 d8?

Kevin Burgess


Edgardo Espinosa



As a metal guitarist, there are several "Paganinis"Steve VaiYngwie MalmsteenGuthrie GovanJohn Petrucci TheDoooEddie Van Halen etc... There's so many tbh

Merric John

Omg. I love this movie. It is hilarious. I loved how the girl knew malayalam  but did not show it

Leo smith

because i don’t know what it’s even supposed to look like when it’s finished


Yet another pointless 3D print

Nathan T

barsorrro Us starcraft players (outside of korea) feel the same as you.


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