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Charles Atlas dumb-bells 14:09 FTW!Onnum purila da loos payale."I'm a bit of a neanderthal" Magnus Carlsen lmao.May i know what is the name of software that they use.Thanks for the metric stats !Thanos used stones to destroy stonesDoctors using cancer to destroy cancer.Me new to playing pool.Ye kaun sa chess pratiyogita kaha ka hai.

It is crazy, how theseguys are able to calculate every move.It took me a minute to figure it out I thought I was seeing things but you and your hair rock lol.Will your nation ever discover.

Respectyourdesigners.For the Nth term, n1(158(nP2)), where P references permutations.Save a hunk of iron from becoming scrap metal for guns or bullets.Nowadays doing the whole thing is sooo much easy.No regrets so far.Zimbabwe has no authority in any matter.

Step 5 : Convert

Step 5 : Convert

You know it's gonna be a hell of a video when Vsauce throws the deepest mindfuck in the first 35 seconds.It's nice to see your daughters helping in the shop!Well done to the bloke who played him.0:21 erefsizlik diyo.Bishops's Tours are what all the cool kids are doing.

This is not a religious comment.For once i want to see checkmate with advantage, but the clock fails me.I'd like a dozen BiC lighter thingys and one of these same wallets, all in black.Did anybody know, what this Yasser want to tell?Again, absolutely beautiful.Boa tarde por acasoas medidas precisa dessa ferramenta eu gostei muito ou mode em pdf.Now I want to make a dog-themed Ruh Ro clock!The opponent is easy but it's too much for 6years girl very good strategy.Random moves everywhere.Watch double the porn.

jinki love

i am not interested in apporximations

Jeffrey Smith

well done!

Connor M

3:15 if his opponent played RB1 instead he would have gotten Carlsen’s Queen

Ch Nghip Phan


brielle erdie

any way to turn down the music? sheesh I can barely hear her


At 8:39 is where math makes people start saying nonsense.

Ibrahim Rifath

THIS IS the video every beginner should watch! the first one to watch. Thanks andyharris for this awesome presentation.


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