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Sech - Solita ft. Farruko, Zion y Lennox [Video Oficial]

This is the same as saying that you can sum up a geometric series for -1 x 1, even though it would take an infinite number of additions.Agad: feel free to pause the video and try to figure out the next move.Nobody wants to hear all the extra crap.Knight with dark bishop(white) for black in the end game.5:18noticed he pick thestick with left handle and supertrow it on his other hand lol.I'd like to try this someday.Production on this vid is pretty awesome- music, graphics, clarity of the shots you were going for- really enjoyed the work y’all did.Beezechurger 3 yrs later.

Anyone else notice that

Anyone else notice that

2 myKnowledge no one else has one unless they copied yours.Com there must have been something better.If the Arashi went south or if it even got torpedoed (unlikely), would McClusky still have turned north?Wasn't qxf8 on move 16 forced checkmate if takes or free bishop when king goes to d7?Eu aplaudo essas coisas T-T.I was inspired when i first watched this video to try it myself, but since you went with the bees theme i tried to make beesweeper with hexagonal tiles.Don't makes foolish us,the largest prime is 11In all the world,.For Christmas do this but incorporate barium and lithium (i think) to get a red and green "festive" chicken dinner.At 4:54 this 'boom' and 'bam'.

Where was the checkmate?

Where was the checkmate?

Best tutorial on the Web.I thought Johnny Depp was in the thumbnail.Where I live it's calledHarry potter and the philosopher's stone.In case you are interested in how Neural Networks work, I made a one-minute explainer:.Carlsen is going to have white for two consecutive games.Then youll almost be as good as him!I'm so glad you grought it back to life.

One of the best work benches I’ve ever seen !(someone please make a hack for Cura).ReadLine())Console.First chess rule, never play the grob atack (which you did) unless you know it very very well (which clearly you don't).Untill now 19 year old naakoGanon padin pero Hindi parin ako lumaban.Unity of humanity, nature and Universe.Sure, even I get exactly what he's doing - putting everything on dark squares so that he can make a ton of quick moves.Both Karpov and Kasparov's immortals were against Topalov.



Pranjal Acharya

Qween - Bishop f6 (White)[Black has no options] pawn - Qween f6Knight - e7 [Forking the qween and king] (White)White is now up in material. He can capture all the opponents pawns and promote his pawn and checkmate the opponent.


00:25 agadmator.exe has stopped working

Giardaella DDJ

Great video, as usual, and solid, interesting reviews of games. Thanks a ton for tour time! i dont understand to some of the negative comments, nagging like old farts. Enjoy the guy's dedication! Stop moaning! Thanks, mate, keep up the good work!

Matthew Cunningham

Awesome work, beautiful boards, thank you

Rajesh Padaskar

Please let Praggnanandhaaspeak for himself. There was absolutely no need for the blindfold. It is very bad visual to have a child wearing blindfold and hardly speaking. Otherwise good instructional video.

John Mendoza could host your own tv show no bs


What's inside a shower head?


Amazing bro wowI am also did these chalk piece arts

Zarathustra's Serpent

It's baffling that Karpov, the great strategist, didn't see this coming. Starting from Rad1, he made a series of moves that just allowed black to paralyze him.

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