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On the hiedenhain controlled machines I use Q parameters.I actually was wondering about this.The neckless on the microphone!What an absolute dweeb.Over and over again weak tangents.Classical Variation.Brilliant puzzle.

You can start the greens going the other way as soon as the lights turn red in the middle.Where can I find a list of the zeroes for 6x6, 7x7,.In the 110 games there was plenty of chance to crush Magnus Carlsen but they go for draws in winning positions it is just ridiculous!

5:32 why didn't you check him and force him to move his king so he can''t castle?Good riddle though.Royce is a living legend in my opinion!Basically, if you want to place 8 queens on a 64 tile board, the first queen has 64 possibilities.One of the most underrated Star Trek Games in my opinion.

Fantastic stuff.Great video mate and a brilliant little plane for finishing edges.Jerry, can you start playing on chesscube so that more people start playing on the site.I'll purchase a commercial one.45, isnt castling illegal there as black rook is on b2?Arya 2 malayalam HD print onnu kittuvo.Turks, Mongols, Persians, etc.

This is simply stunning.Poor Fischer had to run away.I like your posts but you both need to take a moment think about what's truly important in life.PI IS EXACTLY 3!I'm trying to make my health bar follow an enemy when it moves (2D) but when I change my canvas to "World Space" the health bar completely disappears from my scene.He is literally peddling snake oil during a possible plague.Worked everything from automotive machine shops, tool and die, precision grinding and as a machinist in the USAF.I hope one day that this novice can provide this type of work!Jerry and Magnus!My understanding is that the glue should cause the biscuit to swell slightly to get the kind of fit uou had with the joint dry.

Aluminum and acidic

Aluminum and acidic

I never skip Kasparov's chess ad.I start winning chess once I started to watch you.I hope one day that this novice can provide this type of work!It's a free pawn and it threatens his rook.Do you have the plans for this?Chess board maker companies, get in with the sponsorship!This interviewer is a jackass, can they get someone whos atleast familiar with coordinates.I feel like the only one who's here because I need to learn French.Indian tal not bad too.

Rob Bentley

I swear this techno and your play reminds me of JP from Grandmas Boy

Wayne the barber

Great job, but ever think of a Drumal tool with a soft cotton wheel to buff it out?Just don't use the hard wheel. You could even use some soft thin strips for the tight places like buffing shoes.... Just a thought....


yes i also need subscribes. but i see people don't want to help anyone and they also hope if everyone sport them

Aradhya Makkar

this 10 year old kid is a bengali (basak), the worst caste in india who have divided india. In india bengalis are called "chewtiyas".

12 Bore

dekhe is amazingly talented natural singer ka video and subscribe for more such videoshighly recommend this video to watch


For a deeper level of understanding into Magic Squares from Vedic Math sharing

Joshua Woodsmith

Joshua Woodsmith, 2/17/2020, 7:50 pm

Chuck P

JKM - Thanks for making this topic easy to understand and not mysterious.Straight talk.I bet these sheets work equally as well with the Lee Valley sharpening jig?

Alan Smith

Thanks for the tips and humor with it!!


Edward, he was our hero. Also,this was very valuable. great demo .

Joshua Paren

In less than a quarter of a day, already 14k views goddamn


"Black wants to trade queens, black doesn't want to trade queens, or Pat Buchannan."I spat out my tea, I was 5 years old for that election

Megan Michitti

You have the best tutorials. I can’t wait to give this hot air ballon a try. Thank you for all your videos

Nobodeh DontNeedToKnow

Lmao good old Agadmator videos with messy hair and shit:))) wow how far ure come

Ulisses Augusto

I wish I could build that. Thank you


Tried some of these on chess Titans, don't really work if your opponent plays different positions to the ones you made. I should also mention I suck at chess

Kirill Prokopenko

Those ear movements at 1:38 are so cute

Lawrence Salas



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