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I don't know why but mathematics are way easier to understand when taught by eastern european women.I'm impressed with the dedication to this project more than the guitar its self, not to say I'm not impressed as hell with the guitar.My students use your projects for inspiration!Hi this is Mato, HMMMMM lol.Fat vs fat ha very funny.It would be nice if you can leave the items used in the description.After one has solved the "Dog, Duck Corn riddle," it's all the more easy from there.9 months before an election.

Thank you agadmator for this amazing game!If I wanted to order the set, what are the details?I got the idea from Steve Jordan's You Tube video.

But that rust remover not work.World chess champion vs women's world chess champion?And what a sick job he did!I don't need a tranquilizer, I just need to stop imagining hihi.Gotti has battled everybody!Who else heard him say " I'm so bad at chess right".7:23 WELL HE KNOWS NOW.) even if the players would agree it shall be a queen).

"You put your finger in the hole"Roger.Even a chess computer thinks Longer than these guys!Let's go back to the great man he was.The original Greek word daimon does not carry the negative connotation initially understood by implementation of the Koine (daimonion),1 and later ascribed to any cognate words sharing the root.Or dont have kids.I dont think i would like dos box.

Sano Ol Lahat Ng My Cancer Is Always Thinking PositiveStayStrongAndPositive.Like if infinity pushes the limits of quantificationno matter how big or smallit's opposite would be something like nil.Migrating from Windows to Linux due to the feeling of suffocation with Windows limitations.What kind of oil did you use to soakpour over your boards?Still simply cannot believe I just made 834 bucks with this fabulous web site here, Fun Online Work.He makes the game of chess even better than it already is!With all the things panted on the walls now dog bowls I bet that gangsuse to keep fighting dogs there.

I love creative people,

I love creative people,

I was dying of laughter throughout the entire endgame.I read on chessgames.Son this is brooklyn you need to show your face from woodmere.6V, 25V Makita drills and 19.Thanks for the video - instructive!Both their games seem weak.

I am loving this series.

I am loving this series.

Exf6 %clk 00:50:15 Bf4 %clk 00:56:02 16.I like to use Chess Genius program which is old and newer engines are a million times more powerful.There is no history.Deleting comments?Twork had so many.I've been trying to watch this for 4 days and finally got time.

I got it and I'm 14.Beat someone else.Keren, bener bener manual, hand made.Which compiler do you use.Bong go for senator.As of row 2,(ab)2 1 a2 2 ab 1 b2,and the powers of a decreases in order, and the powers of b increases in order.Thank u for sharing your thoughts.Sorry, chu thang duoc la tot roi, chau hay nham.While dating my wife she had a 1956 Buick Special that had a better sounding radio then my 1964 chevy.

jaycek daclis


Richard Heise

Ben, I've been playing chess for about 13 years and never got good enough to be above 1300, but after watching your videos now I'm a fresh 900 player. Thanks! Just kidding ofc. Really thanks for your work and I must say I got from 700 to 1400 only because of you. I'll buy some books and try to learn more about Gligoric since he is my favorite player ever. Love your work and love your jokes.


Another video and I have the same question at the end: Should I stop using PLA for PETG all together or not (I primarily print functional prints that don't have to look perfect)? It always seems like its just flat out better, but I don't have the time to test enough to switch. Anyone got a tip?

Tomaraja Production

I like chess


You do realize that your phone and Google are listening to EVERYTHING you are saying all the time, right?You didn't read the activation policy did you?

Turtle Shellzz

You fooled me, especially since I'm watching this after April fools day

Izzy Hales

Every time I listen to this song, I always have flashbacks of my childhood, running through the countryside and being free like a bird with my friends and family, and now everything feels as though it’s gone, and i have to move forward from the past. Hurts like hell it does

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