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Also, are the Phillips and PhillipsFlat Head screw bits.Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!Ithink petrosian played this first game as white.I saw Stikball at Walmart.God dammit I never noticed the girl in the background The comments got me so confused.I'm saving up for a Millclock ZIN18 with 4 tubes, it's not that bad a deal and I really want to support the brand and the hard work they're putting in these beauties.

I really think that Carlsen lost focus and ruined an otherwise great game.Wonderful video, I always enjoy making my own tools, gives one a real sense of accomplishment, especially when you get it right!I cringed when stuff slid across it.Lmao, I wasn’t just gonna buy one or two new parts, but I was buying a whole new system.12:32 - "After captures captures, you cannot capture because of captures" -Agad 2020.

The videos just don't

The videos just don't

And do challenge.Cha hiu on 1:40 ai gii thch gip dc ko.Just wear fishnets and do the renegade you good bro.If instead of Bxe4 he plays Nxe4 there's Qxh7 Kf6 and dxe4 winning at least a piece.How to run this game in android phone ?I am is sorry aliya I am is sorry aliya njaan anganeyonnum cheyyarudhaayirinnu don't do.Is it proved to be finite?I learn something in every video.

Can your hear me?Bernie taking it up his sphincter from the ClintonObama Dimocraps!Why is zero a number and infinity not?Please like share and subscribe.I'm extremelly impressed from your ability to make so many beautiful projects from scrap.I wish they had a heart button instead of just a like button.

You have the best channel could you do the "Strangest serial killers".But then again, I'm not Jimmy Diresta, I don't have 1.Cool board design.It's stuck on the "logging in 0%" screen :(.Just wanna know whats the use of the table, td and tr there.

You have incredible stills and seeing how you make that so easy makes me want to start making stuff.BERNI,WHAT DID YOU DO,JUST STUFFING YOUR POCKETSWITH THE ALL MIGHTY DOLLARS,LIKE YOUR EVIL, LYING,BLACK MUSLIM BOSS O'BOMBA?For anyone interested in a similar American flag cutting board, made in America, you can check it out here:.I hate the modern culture of these ludecrous overpriced shit at fashion houses when there are real craftsman who make genuine quality pieces for half the price out there."Lean not to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths" proverbs.Put it on a shirt already!These guys are just babbling bullshit.Queen for rookbish2 pawns?

Worst blunder I've ever seen.The first is to remove blacks bishop defender to make room for the knight fork.Very very very nice.Still a variation.Garry Kasparov th qu nhiu qun cng hay nhng cng r nguy hiem v bn en c th qun cng.Box opening is a catastrophe.I don't know how I, or more importantly, other people should feel about that.

Not minecraft and not necessarily similar to minecraft with survival and all that, but i just want a grindy game.It would be a thrill to play him.Plz ritu new videoupload krona, kafi time ho gya apne new video nhi bnaya.9:00 Don't know, mate.I first heard the Beatles song "Rain" on 8 track and was so used to the track switching,click click,click click in the middle of the song thatI thought it was a feature of the song.Bit of a newb here.Big blunder is grammaticaly wrong.I've recently gotten into woodworking and this is the first thing I'm working on.Just kidding ).The only other time I've seen more planes was at an airport.

Sunita Rajput



Should have promoted to bishop, would be way cooler. If king doesn't take, then bishop takes rook.

Wars of the Centuries

Just replayed the lego games after also rewarching all the movies

Jason Stanley

I walked into the trap and lost my queen yesterday . Great video. Thanks


Our "j" is pronounced like english. "Joo" is John.

Sidique Geloo

Every time I feel likedissing this show, I stop cozI always feel Remy Ma will beat my ass when she sees me

George Missailidis

Is this video similar to finding the minimum amount of ways crossings to undo so you can untie a knot?

yeet or get yeeted

I like her voice its sounds nice and like meg's from family guy

Jeff Richard

Hi Moe sarge your the best great video keep up the good work

Farhad Farahdoust

Moder of all forks . Very funny .


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