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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Chess Scene Part 2 HD

Oh my lord sir, bout 5 min into the video and the music made my inner voice scream out "alright with the f$in music!But as a World Champion together with a couple of grand masters from russia, i'm pretty sure that was a slap on his face.From which country is this lady?I cant make this game without z axis lol.Odyssey was mediocre.

Tweetehs is herre.Wish you had classes.Move 10 when black bishop was on E6 thought a sac for the A2 pawn and forcing the knight away from E4 pawn allowing a fork of queen and bishop.Trump should really buy a shirt that fits him.Have you seen the MTM wood video from Jan 2015?

Thanks much GM

Thanks much GM

You replying to every comment is so wholesome I love you.LIFE IS ACTUALLY PRETTY GREAT.Thank you for the vid.Cnn business go whoop your hand in your ass.Im not asking for luck or anything but just so you know.My first opponent was a baby nobody won.Magnus is a beast.

Il Liked the video

Il Liked the video

What green is it?Marius, Are there some basic dimensions?How can ppl make this things!At 7:51 rook at B2 would be a winning move for Zlatan.Lol and very good!I have a similar pipe but the bowl is carved out of bone (not sure what animal).Hi Titan,did you measure the positional off-center error of the outgoing hole?All hell will break loose.Thanks ChessTalk.What does magnus meens when he sais i will flag him?

Because you need a side to supply the coins on.Excellent videop.It is a drop leaf desk.You’re a mathematician?I think the dead should be respected that includes Tom stop calling tom a piece of st and respect his mum pls.Hi guys, I am new to chess, and I really wanna learn the game.

It is great to

It is great to

May I ask, what company was originally housed in this building?If you dont know all the rules,dont show the game.16 games of Bobby fischer on the chess musical.I do not know the day or hour, but he said that we half to get ready now!What's the song at 8.According to Stockfish 9, Euwe made a mistake to offer a draw.If it is let me know.

I’m just learning about grain direction and wood movement with humidity changes.My personal opinion is that our generation is suffering a lot more cancer and other serious diseases because of overexposure to chemicals.Can't find price compassion.Time given each player 1:40:30 so eventually it is like sitting there watch a cinema.11:32 why not queen takes knight and its gonna be good for black !Move 21, why not Bh3?Dude your a professional so don’t worry about it Moe.Quick Question, I got some Mahogany and Zebra Wood from a friend the other day, do you think that this will be a good combination for a keepsake box?Gorgeous work man.Especially on a Robertson, the corners stay way much sharper, and lead to less slipping and stripping.

I love the hammer singing in the background.FLEX JUST SAYING.And let us not forget those ridiculously enormous record player cabinets that consumed so much of our living areas.Here's my thing about systemd - that it's got it's genesis in Apple's launchd is my primary gripe.Thanks for showing this video n I tried it at home.Did you remember the whole game from 10 years ago?

Randall Langford

44 6 78

Bryce W

Gg awesome and cool dude


I watched this in 0,25 speed and I still didn’t follow.

i am groot

I absolutely love this channel you explain things so idiots like me can understand

David Bennett

I made a combination square out of tool steel while working in a machine shop about 50 years ago.I was an apprentice tool die maker.I still have it.It's a unique square.

Peter B

Very good explanation. Thank you.


Funny but no plural for your fav word. Thick. Love the 8th definition of the wiki:

Mark Armstrong

I would love to be able to go till the workshop but i'm from Northern Ireland this is a real BUMMER


If u watched the whole thing u basically just watched a 15 min add that u clicked on

Bruno Bertoldo

There is a largest


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