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Shogi for Chess Players #2: Using the Staunton Set

Always a pleasure to watch Carlson play :).LuigiFletcherBieber but why 'Selena Gomez comment' under the 'Harry Potter video'?I tried it and it came out super soft and tasty.That's sound deep.Use it wisely muh playa.

Works with kings too.I really like this guy.This is the first problem I truly felt stumped on so far.I hope they succeed in denying you the nomination.After playing magic chess my games been crashing like shit.Am I tripping balls or did i just see sumthing black going down the stairs at 14:28.Y(height3))the math."You know he's a noob and you're gonna win this game as black"Lol.They mentioned time before and I feel something related to that might be more close to a 4d chess game.And a way safer way to use a grinder (but sadly making something like this is out of reach for us normal people.

Keep up the good work dude.The bishup can be hit by the king for checkmate.Or at least selling the templates?I always love your creativity, sir.Qf5, 23-Bxf7 Kg7, 24-Qd4 Kf6, 25-Qxf6 Kxf6, 26- Re6 Kg7 (or gets mated with the help of the other rook), 27- Rg6 Kh8, 28- Rxh6 Kg7, 29- Rg6 Kh8, 30- Rde4 (preparing unpreventable mate in 3 even after black sac RxBf7), 31- Rdh4 Rh7, 32- Rxh7 Komodo!First round cringe worth.4:36 I thought Nh5 threatening mate if g6 nf6 winning rook or if f6 Qb3 winning rook.Omargoshtv at point 7:37 -7:39 you can hear CJ and yourself talk and see the woman you was with next to you but between this point who was in the distance ?Sort of likea meme.16:27 welcomes you to ind bitchess.

Is it just me or does Eugene look

Is it just me or does Eugene look

And he won the prize for the longest name.Gandalf approves.You made a drunken roll rolling pin, how about a fountain pen?Kecil kecil cabe rawit ini mah.Maybe bothSomehow it looks like a golden thread that there is always a new hook by circus Carlsenini.Yes speakers have polarity, get one midbass driver out of phase and it cancels out bass.Short is a patzer."console gamers welcome to 2010, it's awesome, you're gonna like it" hahahaha.

Christian Egger

How is the link in the description any proof that it is Magnus playing?It shows a video of Magnus playing against agadmator. Also, in the linked video, Magnus plays the white pieces, just like Gustafsson. So PLEASE CORRECT YOUR TITLE! I hope you made an honest mistake on linking the video, otherwise, embarassing! Feel free to proof me wrong )EDIT: Was proven wrong, you can hear Gustaffson in the background of the linekd video talking about this very game!

Venice Montenegro

I've had a good cry listening to this cover and was able to sleep after, thanks

Bhuvnesh Pandey

Pichot play 3rd game very well and magnus miscalculated


what does a chunk of cast iron like that cost? if you can say. Everywhere I look, the prices are ridiculous.

Jan Dom

Magnus doesn't think he is the best. And that why he will be the best forever

Mrs. Jackson

Thanks for sharing! How many cakes (size and of layers) can I cover with this recipe?

Giorgio Fabbri

Bravissimo! Ottimo lavoro!

j life

That's cool! It's beautiful.


interesting concept.i might try this if i were drunk


Master class? This is jw(junior woodchuck) douche.


Stop T-posing goddamn it


Day 23 of trying to find the middle of my infinite board, if anyone reads this, send help.

Brain Wash Worldwide

LOL he prolly thought 2 draws is 1 point too, so who cares hahaha


James: takes off his shirtKeith, Ned And Zach: 0-0Eugene: gay intensifies

evgeny s

nice set


"sorry that's not a C"xD

josh hortareas

I just realized that there's other channels that try to see whats inside other things but no one does it as fan freaking tastic as you guys do >:D

Rice Man

see y'all ain't practicing enough. you only playing 24 hours a day. you gotta do 40 MAN (or woman)


It's a tough call to be perfectly honest. I see the position as still somewhat unclear as to who's better off. If I had to choose what side to play, I'd probably side with black due to the half-open g-file. The idea you site for white with trying to break in the center with d5 is a good one. In summary, I'm just not sure! Great points you made. Keep in mind that black could always opt to castle kingside as well in response to white's kingside castling. =)

Javier Patag

Best to watch this at 2x speed.

Rad Stratosphere

Ofcourse I go in, commit that old sin.- The Great Carlini 2018 (if you put this on a shirt I will buy it lol)

Milagros Gonzalez

I just seen a spirit running


1200. The boy took the money back (1000) and he lost stock to the value of whatever he sold (200).

lana margrerita maria waldren

wonderful. beautiful music . beautiful world . l am oboe teacher and oboe baroque .mirella from usa


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