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Simple Introduction to playing Chess Openings

Why did Ding spit on his hand?I'd love to scribe the same type of line, but since I do most of my work at the dining room table, my wife might take issue with that!8 pawn advantage but h4 is inaccurate, and so is a4.

IMBECILE coughing caused Magnus to have momentary lapse of concentration thus he only anticipated 8 moves in advance (normally 12).Lots of uses ofcourse, just not really structural strength ones.Thanks for your helping guys, i owe you alot!Saya paling gk suka maen catur tegang gty ya haha.Yes, I have the same question, I think that the knight movement by white was not a good choice, but the pawn movement seems quite good for me.God Jesus has blessed you with Passion and Fire for Pokemon, we remembered our younger days when we used to collect pokemon Cards, you are spreading the Passionate love and fiery love for Pokemon Cards, Gamesand Pokeballs thats Great!

Self reliance is disappearing fast nowadays.

Self reliance is disappearing fast nowadays.

The MOST Advanced Chess Tactics!I didn't have the best childhood, but I at least had this to escape to when things got dark.Nah, I'm just joking XD you're awesome.Dan and Lincoln should cut open a bullet or cut open a hydraulic pressure thing.Itu anak yang pernah hacker satelit nasa.7:37 excuse me arbiter, he was talking Norwegian or some shit.Look where the knight is able to move if white queen were to take the undefended pawn at b7.

Was so bummed, but this will work nicely.

Was so bummed, but this will work nicely.

How do you find the textures.9:20 white lose.For all those criticizing his play, I'd like to see YOU play a 1 minute game, time odds, against a strong player, and win all while making comments on the game.And, a good, brief explanation of the construction.Ma ln hau xe th sao.Hikaru, I will smack you in the nuts if you fuck up 1 more game where you are winning against Magnus,.

The one and only Misha Tal.If you think this is the biggest blunder ever then you havent seen me play yet.Samjhate bahut achhe hai aap.Bro neenga bitlela evlo earn pannirukinga.I mean I saw it and im elo 1200, this is probably an 1100 tactics move.Put a sheet of glass over the table.Really original!Actually, calling this "Carlsen Immortal Zugzwang" is a bit offensive as there are a legion examples of nicer zugzwangs, like those that actually decide the outcome of the game.Another bug lods.

Salim kumar orru reshayumilla.

Salim kumar orru reshayumilla.

I couldn't get 8:38 to work against Stockfish.What’s inside a rubber band ball,vbucks!PUBG is the best of all.It really fills me with joy to see you making these large steps towards completion.And in the second step, we are substituting an equation into itself, which is unsound.Maybe its a Magnus Carlsen account, who knows?

Boy, I could’ve stolen all those jewels, but I’m really low on shaving!Didnt you say that you dont believe in ghost.And I think a lot of people like him.Brazil is the same thing, who wants a Porsche?Now, what will I do to my newly bought miter saw?Hello Paul, enjoyed this video very much.Thanks for the video - its realy useful and i hope to get fluent in all these languages in about 3-4 years of exceptional hard work!


Great job man! I am impressed.Cheers from Berlin

Rajesh Kaushal

Oueen to f8 .and a check mate

Designer- Garb

Muy bien.



Alberto Farah

17:06 why not Kf6 to defend g pawn?


If there are 6 odd hours in a 12 hr format wouldn't that make it 12 in a day?

Bela Rodi

como fazer pra comprar!??? <3

Night Coder

you are so great!!! so funny, brilliant, like a brain stimulator haha. i’m new to code,addicted to learning and using it, so i installed git last week! this is how i discovered your channel with the video series  git for poets , a true masterpiece! thank youuuuu haha! i’m a fan now! and you dont know it but you are my teacher from now on. you cover so many different things, just great! and sooooo fun to watch!


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