Chess kansas city

Hello my blog

SIMS in Survival Friendly Minecraft! [25,000 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL]

It’s not magic it’s just math.Wow gift mi plz.These parts feel bothersome.Mispronunciation as epic as the tale.

I really like your videos but dont lie please it makes you look bad and I'm sure your not a bad person.I was rooting for the Russian.Never gave it more than 2 minutes before my patience ended.Is there a time limit on finishing the weekend projects in your course "The Weekend Woodworker" or can a student work at his or her own pace without missing anything?Excellent trap by genius.This is briliant but it comes from neglecting development early on.

It's actually two video's that take an hour each and parts of it are fast forwarded.Excelent woodpusher!Love listening to people like this talk.Whats with the out of place slow motion shots?She wants his white coloured bishop inside her.

The music is too loud!

The music is too loud!

The crowd was fucking craaazzyyy.Bb war with red hot metal balls laced with cyanide.Layla best tanker and assasinp.I like how the thumbnail has Eric Rosen drinking from his cup as if saying "Mhm, they did messed up gud.And what is worse is.Qd2 is checkmate at 16:9.19:18why doesn't white threaten the knight with the queen?What countersink bit are you using?

Nxd5 %clk 0:06:261-0 I got an

Nxd5 %clk 0:06:261-0 I got an

would appreciate if someone gave me.He is the type of man I respect.Hi Abby, Love your channel and Thanks for sharing!Any plans available?Sir wt is ur job.I liked your video about chess.Sencond best commentator team.The logician is really bob!Don't bother to ask him, he saysjust goto the web site.

Very useful video and simple way of teaching.You're really good.Who are those 609 crazy hoomans who would dislike this?Wow, really nice.What application you use to do coding, I'm very beginner in the coding section.The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.Chess game also bases on respect for opponent.I stumbled on this video of hers and it's really quite wonderful.Have you considered doing a KingQueen vs.Padam full evide da kaavadi mone.

Alexander Craig

I would not have done Bxg4. I would have went straight to Qxe1 at 3:56. Then Pxc3 and so on.


At 1:51 why not take pawn with bishop putting the king in check?

Allan Marks

On move six, you move your Queen's Knight to D7 blocking your Bishop. I am trying to understand the ideas of tempo and moving your pieces to the best position. I think C7 would be a better position for the N than D7, but it would take two moves. So my question is - is there a good way to decide when it is worth a tempo to get your pieces to a better position.Knowing this might be a good way to get through the opening without the need to learn so much theory.

Hamza Asif


Marvin Corpuz

It's 4:19. Thank me later.


I want to fertilize a tree.. I’m only 26 but I’ve made certain that in case of an accident or something everyone knows I want to be a tree lol


Hello Dani I have Lenovo y500i5 3rd generation2.60ghz8gb ramNvidia GeForce gt 750m256gb SSD and 500gb hdd In how much frames pubg PC lite runs? Reply here in my comments

Indiana Malt

This guy makes some cool stuff

J Seed

i cannot believe how long it's taken me to notice "thickni"I knew i had noticed it a few times.... :facepalm:

Pablo Rex

Hola, muy bueno, Felicidades Mazay DIY, una pregunta haces para vender? ....


he couldn't make the han solo movie bearable.


Send the solved puzzles to James May... he's "the reassembler" after all. :p

Brett Ozga

Any volume issue for others?

Dani Geo


Rodney Vargas

What exactly were the dremel bits you used. Very clean. Nice!


What is the name of the tool that he cuts metal with at 2:35? It looks interesting.

jotaro kujo

Me who plays rainbow six siege: Fuckin laser sights

Colin Gouveia

does anyone else think linus use the word surprisingly well too much also sounds like a lesbian lol

Mr. Nutshells’ stories

Um anybody notice dat music

Brandon Triplett

The doctor is in

Billy Branting

5:45 somebody make a gif of that

Robin Dutta

Sir please send the link to buy epoxy resin

Algy Cuber

He could go :65. Kc1 h1=Q66. Kc2 Qad1

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