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Best of the best for now.And imposssible to deform it whilst its beeen boiling hard for 5 mins I have no idea what that red TPU you used but its garbage.5:25 - He can pack his bags and go home.My god this artwork.You mention ideas that I've just not considered myself ever.Ove Kasparov would be forced to exchange his only Knight to Whites rook and place Queen to e3 Sqr.Why they look into others game in between!

I love how no one

I love how no one

0:52 better pizza papa johns.Nakaka iyak si roel.Also, I didn't understand where you said that you use beeswax on the cutting board but it's not a good finish for furniture because of durability.You could light that thing on fire let it burn for an hour sand it off and it would be good it’s new.Thanks for putting these videos out!So I read alot of the comments and I am the only one I think to notice that the mirror is gone.Any language or something else please reply.

This is magic, thanks very much !Again I won easily.At 2:58 you haven't won because the king kan run and use e7 to go.Haha ha ha ha ketipu, smngt smngt ayo pada lucu yah,.And in turn he knows that, and so forth.What is the name of the wood holder (red) in 1:00 ?

Your a talent Jay!AwesomeI can't believe.Now to watch something even better type "God of wonders".The way in which you explain is very good and your English is very good love your videos.Perhaps if this is an ateneo vs up debate it would've been a tough choice for the judges since both schools are basked with accolades.SLU's character is major cringe.These videos are all amazing, it's pretty incredible how much I learn from each one and how entertaining they are at the same time.

Dude you are a simple guy who analyzes games with ur lovely dog, they should thank you in return.It’s like a rare species.It beats plastic any day of the week and twice on Sunday.Make another video teaching how to open the box!Can someone plz tell me his intro song i love it so bad.And both of you failed to explain what kind of foil you put on top of the glass.I remember my first game of Hnefatafl, and my first victory.


what if i have 100 things that need to snap to the grid?

M Norman Hammerlord

The American Chess Congress was the official sponsor of the BOBBY FISCHER INT’L CHESS PARK proposed to be built in Santa Monica to honor the only American to have won the World Chess Championship. Bobby had an impressive career and for many is considered the greatest in chess. He began to study chess at the age of six and became a voracious student of the game. Fischer won the United States Chess Championship at the age of fourteen and at fifteen became the youngest Grandmaster at that time. In two consecutive years, he won the United States Chess Championship with a perfect score and has held the title eight times. In 1972, he captured the World Chess Championship with a decisive lead. In 1975, the Soviets and the International Chess Federation [FIDE] claimed the title on forfeiture in what is still a controversial issue and thus began the FIDE World Chess Championship. In 1992, Fischer emerged to play a rematch for the real title and won in good fashion. He died in 2008.The chess tables at the foot of the pier in Santa Monica, California are known of internationally. It was the former site of the old Santa Monica Bay Chess Club. Bobby first played in Santa Monica during the Piatigorsky Cup [a strong international tournament] in 1966. When Fischer lived in Pasadena in the late eighties, he would delight many with his visits to the tables. For these reasons, the tables have been selected to honor a great American chess hero.

Christina Canfield

Absolutely beautiful. Do you keep your stuff? Or do you sell it?How much would you charge for this piece?

Carlini sucks... he plays for draws.

Phil A

Hah! nice title.


Hahahaha kok gampang bgt yah keliatannya

Jim meh

The question is would Ben stop and the class one of them said they liked Trump? I think he would

Rick Coleman

first the hell does the rook on d7 take the pawn on f7 straight through the other pawn on e7??

Bruce Evans

Small and little mean the same thing.


If you're looking to just make the audio sound effects working, here's the code I found out ended up working, fill in everything with on both sides to what fits your needs. Make sure to "Audio Source" as a component into wherever you end up placing this script-component. //Code Starts Here[RequireComponent(typeof(AudioSource))]public class YOUR SCRIPT COMPONENT NAME HERE.: MonoBehaviour[SerializeField] private AudioClip[] ARRAY NAME[SerializeField] private AudioSource AUDIO TITLEprivate void Awake()AUDIO TITLE= GetComponent()void Start()AUDIO TITLE.clip = ARRAY NAME[Random.Range(0, ARRAY NAME.Length)]AUDIO TITLE.PlayOneShot(audio.clip)void Footstep()if (AUDIO TITLE)AUDIO TITLE.PlayOneShot(ARRAY NAME[Random.Range(0, ARRAY NAME.Length)])

Maio Rosatzin

I Dont think your Walnut board will hold upSeams you cut the miters to short!Nice video though thanks!



Hadi Alsamin

Bardown God

23:33 what

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