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It’s fresh paint the TO.Chess World gonna miss fierce attacking Legend.Sounds like they are setting up a table for twenty!Well, I think there is value in following someone else's rules for 8 hours a day in exchange for an education or paycheque.

But here in your analysis I think you missed c7 - c6 pawn move.Nice dog and nice game.Presence of something is always there even in the nothingness.Make a corona virus video.On a flat stationary Nevada dry lakebed.Maybe Gadir should rethink med school.Literally cannot muster the energy to be concerned about "new ebola".

Jonathan has me cutting dovetails in everything I make.White Queen moves to C6Here black has only one good move that is Bishop can capture White Queen2.My method was similar to the official solution.The rocket scientist ignores the impossibility of space travel to keep his job and carry on indoctrinating the next generation.Fluid has thickness and can negate the micron size of the paper or stone.

We cant see like this well.I’ve lived in Decatur my entire life and have always wondered about how awesome it would be to look inside.Right after I watched this game I played a game as white and my opponent was playing the exact same moves that you just showed!3 Important Endgame tactics that people mess up:1.Willem Dafoe's face.And I hate "ay" for "a" always.Mo your house is sooo beautiful I like your chandeliers wall is sparkly your cat is beautiful 2 from England.E) Bobby Smurda.

Lies are the formation of

Lies are the formation of

3:56 Legit jumped and searched for my dog, later realising it was yours.After 24 NxRe8 - BxR 25 Nc7 - Bxb2 26 Rb1 - Rc8 27 Nd5 - Rc2 28 Ne3!It is extremely hard to play at a competitive level.Where can i get the small triangles you use to put the mineral oil?  All my respect to this man and other artista like him.

I will miss them so glad they’re not willing to sell their souls.For instance, I went to EVERY Home Depot in my area and all of them said that their saw did not work.The best thing about this channel is that it contains so many languages that anyone understands what is said in the video, especially Arabic.Chess noob: Magnus, how do I get good at chess?What wrong with wining the game with exd5 ?But fix the mic echo.Your content is just getting better and better with each video!How is that already a plan?

The government doesn't have that incentive because they don't have to worry about where the money comes from because they take it by force.I learned real quick not to stand behind it.It hardly ever enters into the mind since a queen promotion is almost always the best.I was young at the time when i saw this movie, but for me Kirk didnt mean anything because i had not seen TOS, however, i think for ma and the majority of fans, the movie commited a much graver cinema sin: it was BOOOOOORING!  Left hinge on the box is the right hinge on the lid and vice versa.Woah this machine is making as much horsepower as my beat up Logan outputs haha really interesting content!

youhan janito

really nice game , thx )

Himanshu Ramekar

I'm still unable to understand the logic. I mean how is this possible?

Roni Felix

Esse cara do violino enche o saco

shrikant shri

y didn't he moved a6 to a5

Abhi Abhishek

Why he didn’t Take the Queen with Horse? 6:54

Narender Reddy Kedari

Why can’t NASA use Carbon fibre for rover to decrease the weight of rover.

Dev Goyal

What would be Morphys rating today?

Zackery Williams

Just going through the comments and the comment section is firing on anwar ass. 30 piece

Juan pablo Orellana

Magnus I have seen most of your blitz games to adapt to the impressive style of play you have ... I learn a lot from you watching this kind of video ... my respect for you crack ..... I am Argentine and I can hardly understand what what are you telling during the games ... greetings from Tucuman-Argentina


Im not the best at chess can someone explain wjy it is an illigal move?

i am just a poor Boi

12:20 sike black wins now

Sajnas Kk

Etra kandalum mathiyavilla emotional scene ente ponno

creative ideas

18:58 can the king survive if the rook hits him with his hammer

Mubarak Mubu


Malcolm Nadeau

I don't like the way you cut corners. I'm trying to learn C so that I can control every detail of my game. I want to create the graphics internally... with code.


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