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Skyfall, Bond Theme, by Adele, Alto Saxophone Duet

Amazing game, I've been watching every video on your channel.CE inflicts sadness upon the opponents knights.That wood looked so hard.Therefore the problem is that the function can't be equal to 0 for any rational value of x!

You fail to highlight hanging pieces as a focus.It is also for a wooden chess tabe.Its nice but what is it and what is it used for ?Keep up the good workRichard Westerfield.How come you don't put a support under the middle of the plank when hollowing out the inside?It took forever with stock removal technique on my band saw andbelt grinder.Ikkane kadathivettan ichirudi mookkenam.By 29:50 thats moaning sound very clear!

From circles to coves to dowels to splines

From circles to coves to dowels to splines

Why is everybody surprised ?What’s Inside is flexing $1 bills now?First time dog barked.I do envy the woodshop and the seemingly effortless round a bout way.The edges of the zipper were horrible.Really clarifying, thanks!

Another wonderful project I want

Another wonderful project I want

I had a dream about this.That poor little girl.Where I live the impact driver alone without battery is more than 130$.That is a comprehensiveas inspiring a video and build i have seen here, really very informative.Scoutcm Nail gun :D!This guy is a God in end game.

Then I assumed that the

Then I assumed that the

In 7:07 why not just Qd3 to block the check instead of Ka1?I thought he edged the first.This is quantum insanity at its finest.Looks like you've had fairly quick success.Who else thought they were spelled CEMENTARIES after the cement gravestones found there?Black seems to lose the exchange at least here.MrMartinVoss yeah,the filmmakers messed up there.Keep up the good work.With that fucking noise going on, I couldn't beat a three-year-old - a three-year-old cat!Go to slendermans forest.

Solomon Wang

i felt like i was listening to a folk tale lol

nathan butler

16 inches is 406.4mm by the way

Patricia Fortune


Steven Wilson

I have been wanting to make this ror a while. However the purple heart I have seen locally is a more redish purple. How did you get the more bluish tint and how long does it last as it ages?

Andre george

take your opponent into deep dark forest

Teggie Foxtrott

That's cool that it did kinda like a dance at the end like it knew it had won


Nearly exact process I learned Tagalog from the MTC (Mission Training Center). Speaking in two months, fluent in six months, native accent in one year.

Tho Ngc

Michael Jackson Baillie jean 11:35

Robert Pemberton

So Carlsen and Caruana are equals?

Ben Tebrunsvelt

Super cool

Xenomoly Bloom

These are very pleasant

Schmegmus Maximus

4:15 Crowd really is dead..


Hey GJ, thanks for all of your extensive analysis. You're an excellent teacher. which openings do you prefer to play?

Richard McCann

Rattlesnakemeuk It's spelt "en prise", which following the rules of French pronunciation (which I remember from school) "preez" would be correct. I feel a bit conflicted though because when I was growing up in England, all of the chess players I played with used to say "pree", so it does feel right to me to pronounce it that way even though I now know it's wrong!

Luka Maric

his frontal cortex is so huge that it bends the skin between the forehead and the beginning of the nose


i wanna know how that chick thought she was masters with no knowledge of league


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