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Slow & Instructive | Stream #8

Hahah am I so addicted to tik tok that when Ned did the before and after I thought of the perfect audio?Wish I had that video 12 years earlier when I built a doubble seated bootlegger according to your plans!Thank u very much John, no one has been able to explain so clearly as yours.) Just wanted to send you a message to let you know that it still isn't corrected.Thank youi love these.

Even Eric said that the fact he didn’t know it was Carlsen helped him concentrate.Perfect work for a perfect down to earth artist :D BRAVO.AlphaZero : I have to chackmate before the opponent plans for it."Damn, that just cements what a brilliant and wise gangsta thinker Charlie Munger is.One of your nicer projects sir!Feb 17, 2020 2:00pm.Fantastic work from Maleny.Or did i miscalculated.

" - Mikhail Tal -.ENVY WILL NOT STOP DESTINY.I'd fuck the shit outta Michel, no cap.HCV is improving every day.And honestly I then couldn't come up with a good answer and ended up losing the rook.Will normal people ever compete?On move 13, tell me again why taking the black knight and forking the Q and B is a bad move?Why not use a foxtail or wisk broom ?Why the first Allegro of BWV 1056 so fast?It’s very cool !

E4 player, I enjoy learning new ways of

E4 player, I enjoy learning new ways of

Thanks, I really enjoyed that.He is right, once you play out the game tape to the end, you are done with it.Well explained i subscribed too.This isn't a complete proof.Haha camaros didn’t exist until 1967.The only apple I buy is from the supermarket.At least I moved and can now watch tv in the room with someone that treats me like a human being!Solved it with Graph theory (Hamilton graph).Seems contradictory.

The best website for increasing photos, websiteDetonate your personal page.Zion didn't say OR imply none of this trash Skip selling.This is a EVIL opening!1) what tournaments have you played ?What’s the last song ?Repeating PrestonBahr's comment.Keep practicing, studying and loving the game and in no time you will keep getting better!How much time does it add to the build when you shoot stop motion?Music woke my baby son up lol.

Finally Magnus took the world record of longest unbeaten streak in classical chess at elite level (111).0:41 how does his rook jump over an enemy pawn ?Sir tal vs magnus carlson ka video bana sakte hain?I definitely enjoined it hehe.I have a question for u jerry,how come that u made an earlier notice of dr.

The SJV Workshop

You make it look so simple


Increble trabajo e increble resultado.

Jim T.

Apparently he's never heard of a Wankel rotary engine... nor a gas turbine, I suppose.

Mixin Green

Im wondering why Alexandra didnt castle?

Robyn Cantrell

Great job but bruh u coulda saved the game more then u wouldn't have to redo as much haha

bigfish langille

ThankYou ! Thank You ! Thank You ALL For doing this ,I come back and watch this wonderful work you guys have done to show us all over and over ,and I teach my Grandchildren with your scale .Now I have got them all interested in Astronomy soOnce again THANK YOU

Rakotonarivo Rado

I play those songs to make my newborn son sleep and rest

Drew Herter

Trombone Paganini equivalent: Joe Alessi or Christian Lindeberg

Tony Tafoya

Book alert:Man's search for meaning. By Professor Victor Frankle.This man endured the most horrendous torture and abject misery as a holocaust victim/survivor... And yet did not let it twist his mind into an evil ball of hatred. He witnessed many men succumb to feelings of hatred and revenge, but came out of it with love of life still in his heart. He felt what he went through was a test and an opportunity to rise above it all with forgiveness. A classic work, well worth a read.


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