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Hello my blog


Even the conference itself, but actors are poor and everyone can see it.Compare a dowel joint.When I play a Game Engine I can be assured that there is a tactic!You have a way with words as well as metal.Would be so funny.The random sighting of Eric was hilarious.The only thing I know is that the horse moves in a L.

Hey man, nice job!Com Rapid my win ratio was 1:1.11:21 add lemon juice drops.Boiling temperature is lower in Denver.I want automatically Create button on another jframe.Agadmator's Chess ChannelHey agadmator can you please make a video on tal baron x magnus carlsen game.2:15 fart or chair ?Apex nalla app bro adhu pathi sollunga.

Thank you very much for your work.

Thank you very much for your work.

Spherical grid sandpiles?Ordered my templates.I hate to be the technicality police, but along the length the distortion is called a 'bow'.It's very very strong and the glue up was so easy!Karpov spent ten years after the declined match and transfer of title trying to prove himself creating some of the fiercest world champion chess ever.Any reason or is it just your.I missed you so much A good decision, why waste it when you can do a beautful stuff out of it, really cool I don't know how it works actually.

I'm pretty sure that thing could

I'm pretty sure that thing could

Strong and beautiful!This video had be super angry at these police departments.Actually carlsen at the end lost the game, but nakamura as sporting as ever didnt claim it.Very very nice work."The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.Where is "like"?Bloody Awesome mate, Great job.

I would have liked to see the bathroom cabinet at the the end though.The opponent should be intelligent enough to see he is in a CHECK attack.But it would be really nice to have some detailed instructions listed underneath i.Obviously a China Fan.Where did you get them from?What kind of resin do you use?Comes so close to the edge of the material with the end mill that he could have just gone through from the side ditto.I mean Goats will eat anything.I ll build that guitar.

Lot Nemez

Just so WOW!

An Nguyn

Troi nguoi ta thua la vi 3:50 tuong den ben trang h6 la het co. The ma k nhin ra

Alibaran demir

Mal orada fili yiyebilirdi

Owen and Anna

what website are u using?

happy girl

Too tempting... excellent


Ben Finegold is the best.

Danny Jones

Love it! When are you making the patterns for the chess pieces. and maybe some measurements for table and such?

Kenan Perjaya

That chess board puts all other chess boards to shame. Nice job bro.

Brian McGuire

Seriously unbelievable work man!! That was an amazing build!!! Great job!!! Where can I buy one of your planes at?!?

Blue J Farm

Negreanu is such a class act!

Kamito Kun

Here a question how to see yourself with out reflection just with your bare eye ?


whoa slow down.


What was edited out??? It’s maddening!

Akki R

What ide is that?????


lol you made yogurt "hard tack"You know...the stuff they gave sailors to eat on ships in 19th century...and also used as impromptu hammers.

Mike P

Amazing work , you earned a sub.

Nathaniel Leach

at 1:28, why didn't Karjakin play Nxe4 instad of d6? he could have forked the K/Q at D3 if the bishop had gone for his queen... Wins two pawns if they trade, 1 if they don't. Granted I'm not particularly good so maybe there's a reason that wouldn't work I can't see because I'm bad?

Holoq of Holoqqia

You know what they should do, is have a larger army based on what pieces are supporting attacks/defences. The more supporting pieces, the easier the win. Of course probably too late to tell the devs. But hey it'd be a nice thing to add.

Rafael D'Avila

If after g3 Bxf4 xf4 Rxf4, Kg2 Re2, Kg3 we play h4? It would be checkmate(Black wins?) Video time 11:09

Moti Oved

Whats his name? Does he have more videos?

Akram D. Ziyad

Bg cara skakmat 2 langkah kayak mana bang kalau ada buatin vidio nya y

Daniel Barnak

Ronnie actually shook hands? Weird.

karl epps

Is it me or has the demon doll uncovered it’s face from the hair


Can you show your Chess library and talk a bit about sine of the books (maybe your favorites)


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