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Someone Else's Story - Chess Instrumental

I came here to see wtf moments no savage shets.26:16 if theres still this kind love and devotion in this rough world, everything else is bearable.Iv been searching a lonng time for a channel like this and youtube never showed me urs they are so mean btw i subscribed.I was there sir Eric, but I didn't see you in top 10.I’m from Greece and I have been to Porto Carras !This is a much better introduction to chess than another I watched when I was looking for a good introductory video to the moves of the pieces, and the rules.

Its i can make you clap

Its i can make you clap

Watching Ben Finegold has got me interested in it again :) I got a chess app a week ago in hopes of rekindling my love of the game and looked up offensive openings to give me the spark I was looking for.How much for one?Coranavirus timeeee.At 7:08 after N-g8, K-h5 looks like a possibility.Well now arnt we a genius.I go into such a deep meditative state watching you work and how you create such gems to emerge from the chunks.Crap, I could beat both of them.

Damm u got

Damm u got

Tells me he wasn't as dumb as many might believe.Beautiful cutting boards!Hey people of the internet SO recently my parents let me buy things online what are some ideas of things to buy?Always a motivation to go play a game myself.Fischer’s opponents were vastly superior to players like Thompson.Hhh nice technic to make legs.Now I never asked myself this it could be the weirdest Video I am calm and I accept it but why why in all heavens might is this in my recommend?I bet they are not that tight and sound pretty much just fine.We shall see more from them.

Firouzja is certainly never

Firouzja is certainly never

Hey guys hope you enjoy this week's video!Good information but more importantly, good talking tempo.), and a couple clamps.I use torcs on pretty much anything these days, just so much better than philips screws.I am confused about how to mark the reference lines on the sides from the handle to both tips, though.Pls add the PGN inthe description.Also, how many sheets of plywood were needed for the table and shelf?When you brought that mallet out I could see that it was made by a craftsman.First clip: When an 1801 sees the mate in four but three GMs don't.Thx for the vid.

T. Mager

It was a kingsindian defence

Teddy Moore

Good Sir,  Did you sand at all before applying oil or did planing make it smooth enough?


ohh right, my mistake i didin't see that knight at first time


Kali kali mampir ke chanel ku bang


I’m curious how much target paid for their logo

Angelica Spence

Great video! I keep watching it over and over as i want to start using this method with my cakes, my question is how thick of a layer icing is around the cake with this method? I notice u keep scraping , and if the board is the same size or almost of the cake ( if it shrinks) wouldnt that leave minimal icing around the sides? And how can we achieve maybe a thicker layer of icing around the sides ? Hope you understand my questions and can let me know. Thanks Abby

tai man chan


No No

Is it 8 or 5?

Fernando Martin

Gran trabajo


Crazy that this is free.


Grabe nakakaiyak ang galing nila umarte

Izac Antunes


Baby Flamingo

who else is violist that watches twoset violinonly meoh ok


My father was on the USS Phelps in this battle... he was in the Lexington Battle Group and his ship sank the USS Lexington when she could no longer be of use with five torpedoes.. though I keep looking for someone to actually say that in one of these.. I will watch and see.. His Ship was also part of the ring of Steel that protected the larger ships from Kamikaze attacks and his ship was hit and he was injured.. I am so proud of him and the men that were in the service at this time..

Daniel Cojocaru

So glad, that what I just heard is not my laptop's fan.

Giovanni Iaquinta

excellent job but ...Iceland is missing Not that this big problem, but just to say something .


Nice vid man, good work

Sytze Boomsma

i got twelve right (by the way the only one who watches this in my house and im only 12 years old )


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