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Morphy is the ORIGINAL chess phenom.What oil did u use to seal it with?Im really enjoying the background facts and history, that is really addinga lot to your videos!2 dimensions on the boards, and 2 dimensions of boards, plus you don't have to reach between plates to access pieces, though your laser cut boards were very pretty.I feel people could benefit from that but I can't find anyone doing this.

Thanks for the helpful tips.Sir aapki depth hai maths me.Even if that did work he could just grab the pawn and get taken and now all the sudden black is only up 1 point in material.  loved watching the video and the end piece is stunning.A real work of art!

I don't care what they say.Alexander was Illyrian(Albanian) old Greek wur Albanians to back then.The way i understand it Anand's preparation was until move 27 or thereabouts and was the reason why Anand  was literally blitzing his moves while Carlsen had to analyse lines on the spot.Does the sand blasting not go through the glove?4:08 This is exactly what babies are saying.

We all work the easiest way.Hey how about if the queen eats the horse on g4?In The Wee Small Hours by Frank Sinatra in 1955 would not have been possible,.Is it because the queen would have then taken the rook, and eventually the pawns in the next few moves, then proceeded to move his own pawns up to become queens all while pestering the king and the GM simply gave up rather seeing all of that ahead of time?Chug jug takes 15 seconds.How do i play this?

1:55 didn't expect such smooth animation here.And can’t afford it.So smart and charming.I swear on my life, I thought it was called Tilted Tuesday HAHAHAHA.I love your videos man.You can give a male a good challenge.Always the same old camera.That is the Mad Max of sawmills!You showed how to make it in a full commercial setup.Has Magnus Carlsen seen this video?

I learn so

I learn so

THEY ARE THE RULES FOR USCF CHESS TOURNAMENTS.What thing you are?Hu hu hu em tha ri bn y chi gii hn em em xin li.Great world chess champion A.Uh why don't you let Magnus talk?Nice back in time.And this one lady (who apparently knew me even tho I didn’t know her) kept asking me about like current trends I guess.

Hah fricken laser beams does anyone

Hah fricken laser beams does anyone

I have a competition at monday, so now im training myself with your videos.This video had be super angry at these police departments.Lincoln’s voice when from Mickey Mouse to Martin Luther King Jr.Many early pressings of records from the late forties up to c.Throwback to MC crushing Jan during Banter Blitz on his friend Solomon's account.I look for your store on the cutting Boards.It was a thriller movie!Before assembling the head for the mortice guage, you should have cut a slot on the inside of that square cutout.Also most 8-track center reel has the same hub like a standard reel to reel so they will fit the spindles.

Who else muted the video ?

Who else muted the video ?

Lou is nasty and rude.I used one as a camp stove before I bought a butane stove.Congratulation is a piece of art.(development and positioning).My favourite player, Anatoly Karpov, covered by my favourite analyst, Ben Finegold.So the dual marking gauges were just for showing off?It’s such a fine piece of Craftsmanship it needs to be well protected ?It looks like it was installed with the bevel down.

Artemus Rodricq


Jagdeep Singh

Lazwab megnas check mate vishy

Dessel Of Apatros

really enjoyed the end of the video. very interesting

Jason M

Bobby knew Karpov had great chances of defeating him


Wow....I love your videos on poor man's tools.Thank youvery much for sharing your skills with us Mr Sellers !!!

Woody Eckerslyke

In the live commentary Leko (and others) was recommending d6 when Naka played it.

Gabriel Ivasko

20:44 mate in 1 Qh4

Rama Devi

Stupid to move when to move not at clear ... is so confusing.right explanation is lacking..not impressed

Gothic Mom

Wow indeed!!! I'm going to try this.... But kill the screaming chimpmunks trying to sing in the video!!

JustFox :D

Belli i 10 centesimi


Skip hit a home run. Chris and Shannon's feelings are hurt.......Lay off the LeBron kool-aid bro

Arjun Prasad

2:01:35 uff what a kanji dialogue

Pleb Potato I'm just a Drarry Shipper



The trick is to smile


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