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Southern Style Pimento Cheese! (Not that kind that sticks together)

Have your ever used it before dxdiag?Thank you so much for uploading.Idk why the other person blundered so bad.Absolutely love your intewresting clips Teacmoan, I didn't even know these particular tape cartridges existed.Are there some infinities infinitesimally smaller than other infinities?I love the homemade wood putty.6:10 nu m en i e5 th s khng sao.

I managed to make 3 different ai versions,.Just curious, are you perhaps a techno fan since the background music always is some sort of electronicsdance music?2:52 I'd take my queen to d3 so if he tries to take my night I have protection.Nigel: "garry played well", understatement of the year lol.

Sugar syrup nhi use Kiya Jata h kya.This project is ingenious.The newbies are just going by what the industry is spoon feeding them.Congratulations.How much did Harrelson's rating jump by pulling the draw here?I haven’t seen a project like it.Enjoyed your video, and a nice and somewhat different design of chess piece.For about a buck more the Draper45241 looks like it might be easier to use.Very well done, my hat is off to you.

Should turn to third person view too!This is a great format, good fun.Still not a big crayon fan, but I love the overall design.I made this set of sawhorses 3-4 years ago from your previous video, and I use them EVERY TIME I am in the shop.Or is there anything available like that?Thanks you for sharing.

99, where p

99, where p

He basically says S 1 - S, but then he calculates further so he comes to S 12 but that is like you would have a calculation that results in 1 5 and then you continue calculating which is just wrong because 1 is not 5 and S can't be 1 - S.Qf4 %clk 00:08:13 Kh7 %clk 00:27:27 29.Our world has faced perhaps no greater threat than it does today.What was the wood by the way?3:20 : nice song bro6:22 : HHHOoOly cow.Show of hands, how many of us associate most these with Looney Tunes?Haven’t checked too far down the comments.

When would you castle queen side as

When would you castle queen side as

2:32:47 that's how Grandmasters have a little chit-chat.10:05 It's a Pentagon!Fue una batalla increble.Have you ever just scroll online shop and buy some?I send you an invite to play a game on Chess.Are you tell me this chess price i will buy this.I could wreck Magnus.You looks so humble n polite.Love from india.

Good players play the opening slower than patzers.We all love you for posting such a long video Jerry.I've played 824 games on lichess without studying.This is the threat of course the biggest threat of all,checkmatep.These numberphilr videos with multiple interviewees are among the best!That's why your biggest enemy is not on the other side of the chess board but yourself.Not even 10 minutes in and Magnus Carlsen, not doing so hot, already lost to 2 different people.

To everyone out there, whether your are studying for exams or experiencing other stressful events, remember to HOPE.Hold On, Pain Ends

Jair Sosa

Hi I just have a quick question I am new to woodworking I just would like to know how did you learn about woodworking did you go to school or did you learn like I am from you tube thanks.


am I the only one who admire how straight the lines he drew?


Hey , do you have a video on making a screen door ? I in joy your shop projects . THANKS

Mert cdogan

11:43 wrong analize if black ba6 den ke2 if trade bishop ke3 pawns and kings cant move c and d square but white pawns going queen if donttrade bishop then white piece trade bishop after ke2 and white win again


I can't decide what is more destructive to society, apple or the idiots that buy apples fools gold.

Epic4700 YT

Reinvented, really?

GM Kid Radja

2:14 Why not c5 here?

Ramalakshmi D

we must move the rook 7a to 7g


Hi! I'm a beginner. I don't understand why at point 1:02:28 blacks resigned. What about bishop B4 check pushing white's king away from pawns? Unfortunately this option is not explained on the video. If someone could show me the light...Thanks in advance.

Xaka 10

i love u gosuuuuuuuuu wtf

Stephen Soukup

very bad playing and strategy. Should have used the 2-4 backgame and not the 2-3 in his home to make it more difficult with a gap. read some bg books

Justin van Wijk

I kinda got clickbaited I think. He didn't really sac his Queen. It was just a place were he could move his Queen and he did.

Partha Banerjee

Excellent informative video. Superb thought. Very good analysis.

Lucas Neves

where are little Baiano of Mau???

BlackPawnMartyr chess

"Though you try to count more, a cats legs are four." ChessNetwork.

Art Vale

So that's where "A barrel full of monkeys" came from.


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