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So basics will help in Quant.He was a man of principles.Being 2nd in speed to the WC still makes you lots of money.Aaron got put on blast in the comments then by try guys.That is awesome.Por favor me puedes compartir donde estudiaste.He was already in a stronger position right?

A esa nia principiantele gan soy maestre.After 10 years I amplaying chess again and really getting into it.What a gift he had !I also try comparing it with the stone chains in the temples, must have been too hard without modern tools or devices.I always have to sing the Native American chanting from Sacred Spirit - Yeha Noha over this.Even more horrible than my chess games!  Best example was the Eastern Solomon's where Nagumo literally turned tail for no reason when he was in striking range and could have left the US with only one carrier.Nobody won the prize.

Just give me

Just give me

This is perfect!Keep up the good work and the videos.Can these top chess players see a mate that is in 13 moves?Thanks for sharing this game.Beautiful work, friend!I'd say loads of innocent men have gone to prison over the years cause of this mans sick crimes.Holy shit Gateway is ancap as fuck.Without nothing in return.

Nitrite gloves are better than latex especially if you are allergic to latex.The "union" section.33 after the king moves, I would rather prefer to capture the bishop(f X e3).Its all man made.Couldn't you have tied with 1 queen 1 King and 1 rook 1 King?What an amazing skill!I kinda want to become a serial killer due to RAID (c) SHADOW LEGENDS (tm).Nd spcL tnX 4 addnG diZ.Dog's hilarious in the background.Well just turn it over so there will be no space for the magnets to go lol instead of glue.

8:32 rook to center queen to bishop !98 ) Both sides making slight errors.Really enjoyed this.Interesting questionpoint about younger players visualizing positions on a 2d board vs 3d.This isn’t the most efficient method.This dude is the jack black of chess masters.Only here cuz I’m stoned on a Sunday morning!Very few guitar players could create such emotive and at timessoaring melodiesas Mark could.

Beyaz neden g 4 oynayir.Mike Bloomberg is no good is the New World Order.Gusto ko tlga itong loveteam nila.It can jump other pieces.I'm playing checkers.I still dont understand 1:15:42 and im not a patzer lol.I would love too see ya try out a lazy Susan with a top of secret wood and glow in the dark stuff.Just not that high.Foo Reyes never disappoints.Any body know the reason behind why my html file when opened in Chrome appears as just a blank page?


Ben's Mikhail Tal stories are crazy! I did not realize that Tal was so unhealthy. Went to the hospital between Chess rounds!? Omg lol.

AliEnigma Show

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Wea Kowalska

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Mike Lucas

What the purpose of this, it seems to shallow for a bowl, and heavy, because its to thick at bottom. :(

Xebra 24

He protecHe attacBut most importantlyHe's baccThanks for the great videos!

Sabi Sahil nagpal

which game is this

Roxana Sherahmad

Ive only ever watched 3 studio Ghibli movies ( ponyo , kiki's delivery service and my neighbor Totoro) however somehow I almost remember the music without knowing how it's timeless and this is amazing

Kyle Reese

Mato. Thanks to you and your videos, I'd say Tal is my favorite chess player in all of history. You do so well at commentating these videos... I've learned so much... Like how even a little smirk is enough to coax my opponents into a blunder. Sometimes i close my eyes at night and picture the games in my head before i go to sleep. The sicilian sozin variation and Ruy lopez bishop exchange variation are two I've focused on these past 2 weeks. I'll spend the next few weeks with ya watching games and matches with kings pawn openings. And ANY Tal stuff just for the joy of it (: Much love from Maryland, brotato chip.


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